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3 Ways To Ensure You Run A Top-Performing Call Centre

Call centre work isn’t easy. This has been a theme of many a MeloTel blog because we know just how much effort and dedication must go into the job of a call centre phone agent. As you may have guessed, we have a lot of experience working with call centre businesses, providing them with a variety of cloud-hosted services including our Commercial Phone Services, DaFeeder Preview Dialer and Monitor/Whisper Control Panel.

However, there are steps that each call centre manager must take to ensure that he/she is running a top-performing call centre. Here are three:

1. Make the development of customer relationships a top priority.

Too often, call centre managers get up caught up with sales numbers. The way many of them see it, their top performers are the ones who are making the most sales. And while a company’s profits will always be important, its long-term success will depend heavily on the impressions it makes with members of the buying public. This is why concentrating on customer relationships is actually more important than the act of pushing sales on people.

“The call centre’s strength is highly dependent on the quality of customer service provided by the call centre agents,” says Prashanth H N on, “The way the representatives interact and resolve customer queries and the service they provide are important factors that would determine the quality of the company they are working for.”

2. Make game play a part of every day.

Do your employees enjoy going to work? A great way to find out is to hold morning meetings that allow them to explain how they’re feeling. Running a call centre that is seen as an inviting environment where employees are free to express themselves will go a long way in helping your team to be productive. On, Jade Longelin encourages call centre managers to inject fun into the workplace.

“A happy employee is a productive employee,” she writes, “If you want to know how to improve quality score in a call center, don’t neglect the fun factor. Cultivate a workplace in which employees actually enjoy being. Provide regular breaks that allow agents to drop their headsets and unwind for a few. Bring in a ping pong table or bean bag toss. Invest in a few comfy pieces of furniture and a good coffee machine. Organize a lunch potluck every few weeks.”

3. Monitor calls and offer feedback – very regularly.

The importance of call monitoring and providing feedback in call centre environments cannot be underestimated. The most successful call centre businesses have managers and supervisors who regularly listen to calls in order to pinpoint where their reps require help. Be sure to listen in to as many calls as possible so you can provide helpful feedback that will better both performances and overall customer satisfaction.

“The quality department should monitor the service calls regularly, to assess how the agents are performing,” writes Prashanth H N, “It’s a prerequisite for good customer service. This will help in identifying the drawbacks. Subsequently, customer service representatives can be upskilled through regular feedback and motivation.”

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