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Why It’s Important To Trust Your Gut

Did you know that the term “trust your gut” is more than just a euphemism? The phrase we often use to describe adhering to our natural instincts actually has a scientific explanation. On, Crystal Raypole explains that gut feelings are based on a direct connection between how you think and how you physically feel.

“The gut-brain connection makes it possible for emotional experiences to register as gastrointestinal distress,” she explains, “When you feel anxious, fearful, or certain that something’s wrong, you might experience stomach twinges, pain, or nausea. That’s where the name ‘gut feeling’ comes from.”

Why is it important for business owners to trust their guts?

No one likes to live with a negative decision. If you make a choice that goes against your gut instinct, it usually feels more regrettable. “I just knew I shouldn’t have done that” is a summary of the type of reaction you might have. If you had no idea of the possibility of a negative outcome, a poor result may not feel as bad. It can be taken as a learning experience. If you had a strong feeling the decision may not work in your favour, the poor result becomes harder to take.

On, Rhett Power explains that “your gut allows you to make decisions when you don’t have all the facts. You can do your research and testing, but in many instances, you ultimately have to make decisions with limited information. For example, if you’re releasing a revolutionary new product or a service in a brand new industry, you may not have sufficient data to do extensive market research. You may have to rely on your gut instead.”

How does MeloTel help to give people good gut feelings?

We’ve long been strong proponents for putting customer service first. Our team feels that it’s important to develop strong relationships with the business owners who entrust MeloTel as their telecom service provider. The friendly exchanges we enjoy with our customers help us to have good gut feelings about working with them. We’re thankful to report that the feelings are always mutual. Trusting your gut, says Power, is a good way to develop trust of others.

“In business, relationships are your most powerful currency,” he writes, “You can only learn so much by studying people’s resumes and past histories. When it comes to trusting people, your intuition is your most powerful ally.”

Earlier today, we posted the following on the MeloTel Instagram and Facebook pages.

Trust your gut. The gut has been called the “second brain” because of the network of neurons found in it. They inform you of stress and emotional states that the brain in your head may not be aware of. When considering ideas for your business, imagine each one independently and notice your gut response.

This is not a step to be rushed. Take your time and do the gut check exercise more than once. Allow your subconscious mind to integrate all of the information it receives from your gut.

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