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3 More Reasons Why Texting Is Good For Your Business

Last week, we posted the blog, “3 Reasons Why Texting Is Good For Your Business”. And we’ve decided that three reasons are nowhere near enough. So we’d like to revisit that topic in today’s blog.

Think about it. How many texts have you sent since we posted that blog on June 27th? You can’t even be bothered to count, can you? We don’t blame you. We all text – all the time! Why wouldn’t you want to use texting for your business?

Here are three more reasons why texting is good for your business:

1. Texting helps you to outshine your competitors.

While texting isn’t exactly a brand new invention, it is still a marketing method that many businesses haven’t yet employed. By reaching out in a way that is easy and convenient, it helps you to get your messages to your customers before most other businesses can. As we mentioned last week, texting helps you to add a personal touch to the way you communicate – a great way to outshine competitors.

“What business doesn’t want to be quicker than their competitors?” asks Kenneth Burke of Text Request, “Somewhere between ⅓ and ½ of all sales go to the vendor who responds first. That’s a significant chunk of business! Consumers usually shop around when they’re looking for a new product or service. But almost half go with whoever started talking with them first. Apparently sales is first come, first served!”

2. Texting is a super time-saver.

No one is disputing that picking up the phone and calling somebody is the best way to communicate your message. However, it’s not the most time sensitive method of having a conversation. Texts are quick snapshots of conversations that need to be had. And that’s what makes them so effective. They allow you to communicate your messages quickly – and to many people all at once!

“With text messaging you can eliminate many of the inconveniences that crop up between you and your customers,” writes Mike Lannen of Eternity Marketing, “Let’s face it; phone calls can sometimes become overwhelming. Whether it’s coming from your end or your customer’s; calls have a habit of coming in at the most inconvenient of times.”

3. Texting keeps your company current.

If you’re looking to secure support from millennials – and why wouldn’t you? – then texting is for you! Simply put, your brand has to keep up with the times. You can keep handing out flyers or placing ads in print media, but they’re not going to have much of an effect on the modern day consumer. In today’s world, texting is, as Burke puts it, a staple of personal communication.

“As a business, you have a certain niche that you’re targeting,” he reminds us, “Yet, the products and services you offer only appeal to a specific segment of that audience. Wouldn’t you want more of your targets interested in what you offer? You can bring more people in by appealing to more people. Texting helps you appeal to more of your targets.”

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