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Ringing Up Customer Satisfaction With Excellent Customer Service

No matter your industry, you’re undoubtedly about to experience a pretty busy time of year. During the holiday shopping season, people from all walks of life are out and about searching for the perfect holiday gifts. This means that they are also calling up companies with greater frequency. Does your business provide exceptional customer service over the phone? It’s an effective way to set your business apart and leave lasting impressions on customers.

Expand your customer support hours.

As you know, the holiday season can be hectic. This is especially true for individuals who work long hours and are unable to do their shopping or receive customer service during normal business hours. Be sure to accommodate the needs of such consumers. Consider extending your customer support hours by providing evening and weekend support. This will be especially beneficial to your brand when the holiday shopping deadlines approach.

Ensure that customers can reach your customer service department when they have questions or concerns. Be informative about the methods they can use. Make it clear on your website, social media accounts and automated phone messages when your extended support hours are available.

Equip your staff with training and technology.

At this time of year, it’s vital that you provide specialized training to your phone agents. They need to be prepared to handle the increased volume of holiday calls efficiently and effectively. Training should include empathetic communication, problem-solving and product knowledge. Encourage your staff to stay updated on the latest promotions, shipping deadlines and any holiday-specific policies so that they can provide accurate and timely information to callers.

As well, encourage your staff to make their phone interactions feel festive and warm. Such holiday cheer should also be found in your hold messages and hold music. Customize your hold messages with seasonal messages and music that align with the holiday spirit. This personal touch can help customers feel appreciated and cared for, even while they wait on the line. Consider rotating your hold music with cheerful tunes that get people in the holiday mood.

Empower your team with the right technology.

A smooth call routing system can make a significant difference in providing great customer service during the holidays. Implement an incoming call routing system that helps direct callers to the right department or service. Ensure that your customers don’t waste time waiting on hold by offering options such as call-back requests or automated updates on their places in the queue. The goal is to reduce call-waiting times and improve the overall customer experience.

Also, allow your phone agents to offer special deals. Offering expedited shipping and other personalized solutions can help to quell customer concerns. Giving your agents the flexibility to go the extra mile during the holiday season can lead to delighted customers. Encourage your team to actively listen to customers, show empathy and be proactive in resolving issues promptly.

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