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Why Being Predictable Isn’t All That Bad

Are you tired of seeing surprise increases on your phone bill each month? This is one of the top complaints we here from clients about their old telecom providers. “Every month, it seemed like there’d be some new charge,” we often hear, “I’d have to waste time calling them every month to find out what the charge is for. They’d usually credit me, but it’s such a nuisance to have to keep inquiring about these mystery charges!”

At MeloTel, we believe that no customer should ever have to inquire about mystery charges. We make it so that our monthly bills are very predictable. Our customers get the same bill every month. It’s really that simple. There are no surprise charges on any of our bills. We feel that it’s only right that our customers are treated with respect. Part of showing respect is not trying to swindle extra cash out of them every month.

Our prices are very cost-effective!

One of the top benefits of making the switch to MeloTel’s cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services is the savings you’ll immediately enjoy. Simply put, we charge less than the average telecom provider. Just one way you save money is through the fact we don’t use landlines. With our phone services, you are connected via the internet. As a result, you get unlimited calling to more than 22 countries.

Think about sending emails. Are you charged long distance fees for those? Of course not! You can send an email to anyone in the world and it won’t run you any extra fees for your email service. With our VoIP-based phone services, long distance calls are the same as long distance emails. There are no extra costs to make them because – just like sending emails – your phone calls are done over the cloud.

Our phones are free!

Yes, you read that right. Yet, another way that MeloTel’s clients save money is through our FREE Polycom Phone Program. It’s a simple as it sounds. With MeloTel, you get your phones for free as long as you are our customer. This is another way our monthly phone bills stay predictable. In addition to having no extra charges for calling long distance, you get phones at no extra cost. Again, you will never see any additional fees popping up on your bills.

Sorry to bore you! But, as a MeloTel customer, you will receive the same predictable bill each and every month. Remember that you don’t just rid yourself of surprises. Making the switch to MeloTel means you’ll save money too. This, by the way, does NOT mean that you will be skimping on quality. We guarantee crystal clear calling.

Our calling features are many!

With MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, you also receive a ton of calling features. As soon as you make the switch to MeloTel, you will automatically get Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Transfer, Voicemail to your Email, Incoming Call Routing, Custom Hold Music, Out of Office Options and access to The MeloTel VoIP Panel.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email