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How Can VoIP Grow Your Business Abroad?

As we’ve been detailing in our blogs over the past couple of weeks, VoIP can expand your business across the world simply because it uses the internet to connect your calls. You can be in a hotel in Miami and make and take calls just as easily as you would if you were in your home office in Vancouver. An internet connection and a phone receiver or headset is all that is required for you to conduct business over the phone.

Because of the fascinating technology that is VoIP, business owners from all over North America have given themselves the opportunity to expand globally. Not only are they able to communicate with colleagues and clients in far off locations without worrying about long distance charges, they can also hire employees to work for their companies who don’t even live in the same country.

How can VoIP allow you to have an employee in a foreign country? All that is necessary for that individual to conduct business for you is a VoIP telephone number that can be routed to his/her foreign phone number. It’s actually that simple. Your customers will have the ability to make calls to your overseas employees through your standard business number without ever being the wiser that they are many, many miles away.

By not using a traditional landline, business owners in North America won’t be charged for long distance in the traditional way. As a result, you can accept as many calls as you like from your customers that need to be re-routed to your foreign phone agent. Utilizing the skills of a talented team member in a far-off country is no longer the added expense it used to be. Unlimited international calling is one of the top benefits of VoIP technology!

How else can VoIP save you money during your global expansion? Well, it may seem obvious, but consider the fact that you don’t have to spring for any new office space when you hire a worker from abroad. VoIP gives you the option of expanding into other countries while keeping your office space the exact same size. It won’t impact the state of your office in any way to use a remote employee.

In fact, you can even conduct your job interviews using VoIP telephones. With the added feature of call conferencing, many business owners choose to use the video conferencing option to speak “face to face” with their prospective new employees. As we’ve detailed in a recent blog, conference calling is another of VoIP technology’s highest-rated benefits.

With VoIP, you can make new employees, who you never meet in person, feel just as much a part of your team as everyone else who shows up to the office each day. With VoIP phones connecting you to the rest of the world through the internet, there’s never a need to worry about accruing expenses for making calls overseas. At MeloTel, we’re happy to say that our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services have helped many a client to expand worldwide!

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