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The Power Of Being Nice To People

“You will never regret being nice to someone, even when they don’t deserve it.”

We posted this Quote Of The Day on the MeloTel Facebook page this morning. Needless to say, we stand by it. After all, how hard is it to be nice to others? We live in a world where there is far too much tension, drama and chaos. Not to oversimplify or make light of the many problems our society faces…but wouldn’t it be great if we were all a little nicer to each other?

At MeloTel, we live and work by a customer-centric philosophy.

We treat our customers as friends because we know that, by doing so, we will always be our nicest selves. Being kind to others doesn’t just make other people feel good. The person being kind feels good too. The act of niceness is literally a win-win situation for everyone involved. This has actually been proven by research.

On, Calvin Holbrook reveals the findings of a 2018 study of employees at a Spanish company. The workers were tasked with either performing acts of kindness for their colleagues or counting the number of kind acts they received from co-workers. The results of the study showed that those who received acts of kindness became happier. There was no surprise there.

“However, those who delivered the acts of kindness benefited even more than the receivers,” details Holbrook, “That’s because not only did they show a similar trend towards increased happiness, but they also had a boost in life and job satisfaction, as well as a decrease in depression.”

Acts of kindness are contagious.

Have you ever heard the expression “smiles are contagious”? You don’t need a big study for this statement to be proven true. Go ahead and try it yourself. Smile at someone today. It could be a complete stranger. Try smiling at a minimum of ten different people. We’re willing to bet that the majority of them – if not all of them – will smile right back at you. At Holbrook affirms, the effects of altruism were contagious.

“Those colleagues on the receiving end of the acts of kindness ended up spontaneously paying it forward, themselves doing nice things for other colleagues,” he explains of the study’s findings, “This study suggests the ripple effect really is one of the benefits of being nice.”

Spread your niceness to others online.

As mentioned, the MeloTel team makes it a point to be nice to people. It is part of our incomparable customer service mandate. However, we don’t just stop at the people we interact with in person or on the phone daily. We also spread our niceness via social media. As we referenced earlier, we post Quotes Of The Day to our social media pages. We find that they help to generate those contagious smiles amongst our friends and followers.

Allow our team to compose such kindness-spreading quotes for your company! Our Quotes Of The Day are part of our awesome Animated Media & Marketing Packages. To learn all about them, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email