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How Partnering With MeloTel Can Grow Your Company’s Success

To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to possess many important skills. Among them are adaptability, persistence and a penchant to give things your all. Becoming successful requires hard work. But it’s important for one to not just work hard. He/she must also work smart. That involves investing in the right tools to allow your business and its employees to perform at peak levels.

Calling all business owners!

At MeloTel, we encourage entrepreneurs to give their alls to their brands. We do our part by helping them with all of the technology and services they need to succeed. Having the right team by your side is essential for success. The MeloTel team always strives to be the right partner for each of its clients. To ensure we are the right fit, we offer quick and free consultations. We want to know all about your business so that we can give you an evaluation of which services are best for you.

MeloTel would like to offer you a completely FREE analysis of your current telecom services bill. We can show you exactly how much money you will be able to save by making the switch to our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. All we need to do is see a copy of your most recent phone bill! Our services most certainly do not stop there.

Calling you no matter where you are!

If you find yourself regularly working on the go, Cloud Softphone is practical must-have. With this great service, you can make and take calls from anywhere. For users of MeloTel’s cloud-based Commercial Phone Services, the Cloud Softphone is a FREE app that turns your smartphone into your business extension. In fact, you can use any device you like to become your business phone displaying your company caller ID.

Cloud Softphone is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. Once you download the app, it can be used anywhere you have access to either Wi-Fi or LTE. It lets you conduct business from just about anywhere in the world no differently than if you were in your office. In addition, with the Cloud Smartphone, you can easily get in touch with your employees and co-workers by dialling their extensions.

Calling all call centres!

If you own and operate a call centre business, DaFeeder Telemarketing is a practical must-have. By using DaFeeder, your reps no longer have to manually dial the phone numbers of your clients. With the simple click of an on-screen button, your leads can be called in an instant. The time saved will translate into more calls being made and more leads being contacted. The potential for more sales is significantly increased!

DaFeeder also allows you to create calling campaigns that specifically cater to your target audiences. You can upload your leads into different campaigns of your choosing. For example, you can create calling campaigns based on time zones. If you operate your business on Canada’s east coast, you can create calling campaigns that contact west coast-based businesses later in the afternoon. As you know, Pacific Time is three hours behind Eastern Time.

To learn more about how partnering with MeloTel can grow your company’s success, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL. You may also e-mail us at