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The Benefits Of A 3D Guided Tour In The Construction Industry

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What are the benefits of a 3D guided tour in the construction industry?

It offers concise progress reports.

How is your current construction job coming along? It is possible, of course, that architects, investors and/or owners may not always be available to visit your site in order to check on its progress. In lieu of an in-person visit, your 3D guided tour can easily be accessed on your company website.

It offers both timely and consistent reports for your construction site. This makes it easy for those who are either located far distances away or even extremely COVID-conscious to view the development of the forthcoming property. 3D guided tours save everyone involved time, costs and efforts in physically monitoring the progress of the construction.

It gives clients regular updates.

Naturally, clients want to know about the progress of your construction sites as well. It greatly improves the impression of your construction company to give clients easy-to-access updates about the projects you’re working on online. This saves them a lot of time and effort in having physically visit sites on several occasions.

Naturally, we all have things to do. Just how often can a client visit a site in person? Your 3D guided tour takes the pressure off. It gives an excellent overview of progress to help clients make immediate decisions. Not to mention, 3D guided tours serve as excellent marketing tools. Use them to promote your website to potential clients who can get great insight into the work your team has completed in the past.

It will drive traffic to your website.

Branching off of that last point, a 3D guided tour is bound to grow the interest in your website. It’s a great way to get curious online users to view your projects’ floor plans, ceiling images etc. Your 3D guided tour can communicate key steps in the building process quickly and efficiently. Thus, your website will be more frequently visited.

It will also improve the overall look of your website. Consider the fact that a 3D guided tour will enable you to replace thousands of photos. It literally captures all images of your construction site and weaves them together in one viewing experiences. This eliminates the need to document, select and tag photos. The tour will even let visitors perform inspections and take measurements. It’s as good as being on your project site without actually being there!

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