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A Recap Of MeloTel’s Newest Offerings!

We are four months into 2022 and it has already been an exciting year for MeloTel! If you’ve been staying tuned to our blog, social media accounts and newsletters, you are well aware of our brand new offerings. We’re pretty excited about the opportunities we’re affording business owners all over North America. Our latest services and features give entrepreneurs the opportunity to both conduct business and promote their brands in effective and exciting ways.

Here’s a recap!

Allow animated media to boost your social media buzz!

MeloTel’s happily offers Animated Media & Marketing Packages for your social media accounts! Our team of marketing specialists is made up of very experienced individuals who are adept at building buzzes for businesses. They expertly craft animated social media marketing images and videos for companies of all sizes. By utilizing their custom-made posts, you will significantly grow the buzz around your business on social media.

Our Animated Media & Marketing Packages can breathe new life into your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. They include Quotes of the Day, graphic posts and animated videos. By having our team design unique animated social media marketing images and videos for your accounts, you will capture the attention of friends, followers and other members of your target audience like never before.

Turn your desktop computer into your business phone line!

At MeloTel, we have long offered Cloud Softphone. It is an incredible bonus for all of our Commercial Phone Services customers. The service comes via a FREE app for your Androids and iPhones. With it, you can use your smartphone to make and take calls on your business line. Cloud Softphone essentially lets you take your office with you wherever you go. All that is needed to make use of the Cloud Softphone app is a Wi-Fi or LTE network connection.

Cloud Softphone is now available for desktop use! It can now be used on both Windows and MAC computers. We’re elated to deliver this offering because we have never offered a MAC version of Cloud Softphone before. Android phones, iPhones, Windows computers and MAC computers can now all be utilized to take advantage of Cloud Softphone.

Take the hands-off approach to updating your social media!

MeloTel most recently announced the launch of MeloSocial. This incredible new service lets you manage all of your social media accounts from one single location. You can create ONE post in ONE place and have it appear live on all of your feeds simultaneously. However, if you’re too busy to update your accounts or feel you’re just not a strong content creator, you can let our MeloSocial team take care of everything for you!

Our team members are highly-skilled in creating engaging, readable copy and graphics that will bring new life to all of your social media feeds. Just leave it to us. Instead of taking time away from your busy days to update your accounts, allow our team to create your social media content. Our posts include custom-made graphics as well as readable, engaging copy. The combination is sure to give your brand a much better social media presence.

For more information about any and all of MeloTel’s newest offerings, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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