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MeloTel Will Review Your Current Telecom Bill For Free!

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to save money? Business owners, especially, are always intrigued by prospects of being able to spare their companies the giving up of more dollars than necessary. At MeloTel, we proudly offer North American business owners the opportunity to save money while improving communications between their companies and their clients. It comes by way of our VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services.

Talking over the phone has never had as many advantages as our cloud-based solution provides. Firstly, you get unlimited calling to up to 22 countries. The long distance charges you’re used to getting become things of the past. Secondly, you get your phones for free! Our Polycom Phone Program ensures that you’re all set up with the necessary hardware for as long as you’re a MeloTel customer!

How else can MeloTel save you money? When you make the switch to MeloTel, you’ll be able to port your existing business phone number to us for free. There are also no activation or setup costs. In fact, we’ve made it quite easy for you to discover just how much money you can save by making MeloTel your telecom provider. Simply visit our All Inclusive Monthly Cost Calculator, fill out a few details and get your free quote!

In fact, we’ll even do you one better. We won’t just offer you a free quote with no obligation to sign up for our services. We’re happy to go the extra mile just to show you how much money you can save. MeloTel happily offers curious business owners the ability to find out the differences between what we charge and what our competitors charge by reviewing your current telecom bill for free!

How does the free telecom bill review work? It’s pretty simple actually. Simply send us a copy of your current telecom bill. We will go over it with you, in detail, to discover which services you currently pay for and what you’re being charged. We will then compare those services to the ones we offer and inform you of the costs associated with them. As many of our clients have already learned, the savings are quite significant!

We’re yet to come across a better deal for business telephone services in our industry. And we’re willing to do what it takes to prove it! At MeloTel, we’re not only confident that you’ll receive more affordable rates from us. We’re also sure that you’ll enjoy the wealth of additional benefits that come along with making the switch to VoIP. Our cloud-based solution offers calling capabilities that were once unheard of.

What features are available with MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services? They include, but are not limited to, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling, call transfers, incoming call routing, custom hold music, out of office options and voicemail to your email. That last feature is one of the coolest we’ve ever come across. It’s a great service that enables you to receive your voicemails as WAV files in your email inbox.

As a result, it will be pretty difficult to ever miss another important message. Receiving them as WAV files also lets you to store and manage important messages, helping you to prioritize your tasks. For more information on how to get your free review of your current telecom bill, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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