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MeloTel Launches New YouTube Channel! Subscribe Today!

The past month has been an exceptionally exciting one for the MeloTel team. We’ve been effectively ramping up our marketing initiatives by becoming a lot more active on our social media accounts than ever before. In fact, allow us to take this opportunity to remind you about our “Cutest Pet Contest” on Facebook. You only have one day left to enter!

The contest rules are simple. Just visit the MeloTel Facebook page and be sure to LIKE the page. It’s a must that you complete this step in order to be eligible to win the $100 cash prize. Once you’ve liked the page, locate our “Cutest Pet Contest” post and simply upload a photo of you and your cute pet. All animals are welcome. Write a quick blurb about you and your pet in the comment section and you’re in! Good luck!

MeloTel recently launched its YouTube channel!

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, MeloTel is now very active on YouTube. We’ve released YouTube videos in the past, such as this “DaFeeder 17 minute(ish) Overview” video, but they were all on our Founder and CEO, John Meloche’s personal YouTube channel. Now that MeloTel has its own channel, we’ve been busy releasing a bunch of new content. But, before we get to that, we have a friendly request.

Please subscribe to the new MeloTel YouTube channel today! As of this writing, we have just north of 30 subscribers. The channel, of course, is brand new. So we need your assistance to be able to create our own custom YouTube address. You see, YouTube insists that our channel reaches 100 subscribers before we can give it its own easy-to-remember URL. We humbly ask that you subscribe and become one of our first 100 subscribers. Thanks in advance!

Check out the “MeloTel Rap” lyric videos!

Back in 2010, John commissioned his Editor In Chief, Daniel “Dan-e-o” Faraldo to put his skills as a professional hip-hop songwriter to the test. Requesting the creation of a rap song in the vein of Ludacris’ “Rollout (My Business)”, Dan wrote the lyrics and produced the beat for John’s rap debut.

Recorded and mixed by T.J. Habibi at Secret Suburbia Studios, “MeloTel Rap” emphasizes the company’s pseudo-mantra which is “Better Value, Better Technology, Better Service”. It also puts other telecom providers on notice about which company is the best in the biz! Check it out HERE!

Last year, John took things up a notch!

A combination of pandemic cabin fever and an itch to do something fun motivated him to connect with Dan again. His request: a remix to his “MeloTel Rap” from ten years prior. Dan decided that an entirely new song was in order and commenced writing what would become “MeloTel Rap 2020”.

This time around, Eminem’s recently released, Kamikaze album would play the role of inspirer as John was intent on performing a rapid-paced double time rap for his new hip-hop single-slash-MeloTel marketing marvel. Back at Secret Suburbia Studios with T.J., John completed an awe-inspiring feat, delivering twice as many lyrics in the same two-minute time span as the original tune. Check it out HERE!

For more information about any and all of MeloTel’s cloud-hosted services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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