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MeloTel Is Hiring!

MeloTel is looking to grow its already-talented team by adding a brand new Customer IT Support and Computer Technician to the fold. Could you possibly be the new talented and experienced team member that we’re looking for? We’re very proud to announce that we now have this new career opportunity available. But, to join our team, you’ll need to possess a number of important character traits.

What character traits are we looking for? You should be a pretty proficient problem solver. This may sound like more of a skill than a personality trait, but the way we see it, a good problem solver is a very patient person. Working within a team environment, it will be important for our new hire to be able to consider the opinions of others and be willing to work cohesively to resolve any issues that arise.

We’re also interested in hiring an excellent communicator with a dedication to providing unbeatable customer service. Yes, this too is a skill, but it requires a friendly, upbeat personality. At MeloTel, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining excellent relationships with our customers. We’ve earned the reputation of a “people’s company” thanks to a team that consists of polite and affable individuals.

What are the job requirements? As our new Customer IT Support and Computer Technician, it would be your job to both find and correct computer software and hardware problems for our staff and clients. A top candidate will need to possess a vast knowledge base of operating systems and cloud-based operating systems. Our team needs someone who can clearly locate both problems and solutions and explain them to those who are less tech-savvy.

This new Customer IT Support and Computer Technician job position offers candidates the flexibility needed to assist MeloTel clients in a very convenient manner. Our new hire will be offered the opportunity to work by phone, email or by using web-based applications. As you may have guessed, there are numerous tasks that an individual in this role will need to take on. And all of them are of great importance.

What other tasks are required of our new hire? They include providing technical support which involves problem-solving, troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving a wide variety of computer problems. As mentioned, it also requires an ability to effectively communicate information to non-technical audiences. Our new Customer IT Support and Computer Technician may also be asked to conduct training sessions.

Sometimes, training is required to better assist our clients with attaining better understandings of the issues they may be experiencing. It should be reiterated that this position is best suited for a true team player. The ability to work comfortably with others, while also being able to handle tasks without supervision, will be an asset for every candidate looking to apply for this new career opportunity.

Finally, the new Customer IT Support and Computer Technician position is a 40-hour work week job. There may also be times when our new hire will be required to be on call, do shift work and utilize some time on weekends to complete tasks. If you’re looking for a fulfilling, full-time and permanent position with MeloTel, contact us right away! However, please don’t give us a call. Instead, simply email your cover letter and resume to

For more detailed information, please refer to our Kijiji posting HERE. We look forward to speaking and meeting with you soon. Good luck!

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