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5 Qualities That Make Up The Best Team Players

As you know, MeloTel is currently on the hunt for an IT Support & Computer Technician. You can read our Kijiji posting that provides pertinent details about this new career opportunity HERE. In our past couple of blogs, we pointed out some of the key character traits that will make up the best candidates for this position. Among them is being a computer whiz with a great capacity to solve problems.

As well, we’re looking for an effective team player. There’s no disputing the fact that MeloTel is not a major corporation. We’re a company that began from the ground up, not unlike a family business. As a result, our office is indicative of a family atmosphere. It’s important for the members of our team to be able to work together well, but also be able to add to the good-natured atmosphere that our office is known for. So what qualities make up the best team players?

Here are five:

1. Reliability. The whole “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” cliché is actually true. It’s important for a team to be able to depend on each of its members to play their positions well. When you can count on each team member to handle their responsibilities, it takes a lot of weight off of everyone else’s shoulders. Not having to worry about picking up the slack of others makes for a much easier time in the office.

2. Good communicator. Obviously, when you’re working on a team, it’s important to be able to communicate to each member in a clear, confident and respectful way. Not only is it necessary for the rest of the team to understand your points, but it is imperative that no one is offended by your approach. Poor chemistry is often a result of bad communication. Being able to convey your thoughts effectively and respectfully goes a long way.

3. Active listener. One clear sign that you are a good communicator is that you’re an active listener. Someone who continually misinterprets messages is not someone who is going to be able to add to the strength of a team. The best team players are the ones who are able to listen to the other members of the team and consider their points before immediately countering them with debates and arguments.

4. Willing to help out. Sometimes, the members of your team will need a little extra help than normal. Are you the kind of person who is satisfied with completing his or her own tasks only? Or are you the type to cooperate with others by always lending a helping a hand? The latter personality is the kind that simply makes teams better. By always being willing to help out the rest of your team, you greatly contribute to the business you work for.

5. Flexibility. There are bound to be times when situations pop up that you don’t expect. If you are flexible, in so much that you can work varying hours, be willing to go the extra mile and adapt to the various changes that may occur, you’re an asset to any team you’re a part of. The best team players are also flexible with their points of view. Compromise often produces the best solutions to problems.

So how good a team player are you? If you exhibit the traits listed in today’s blog, you just might be the ideal candidate for the new IT Support & Computer Technician career opportunity that MeloTel is offering. We kindly ask that if you are interested in this position to please forward your cover letter and resume to us via email at instead of giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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