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It’s The Perfect Time For Americans To Buy Canadian!

As of today, one American dollar converts to $1.30 Canadian. And while many Canadians are disappointed in the declining value of the loonie, the current exchange rate should actually come as welcome news to our friends south of the border. It’s hard to argue that when the American dollar is so much stronger than its Canadian counterpart, it marks the perfect time for Americans to buy products and services from Canada.

This is certainly exciting news for American business owners! Naturally, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck when the exchange rate is so much in your favour. And, at MeloTel, we’re proud to offer our wonderful telecom services to entrepreneurs from all over North America. If you’re yet to take advantage of our VoIP-based solutions, now would be a great time to learn more about them.

It is our mission to lead the VoIP revolution in North America and be known as the go-to telecommunications provider for businesses of all sizes. If your priority is to work with an experienced company that excels in professionalism, offers incomparable service, appreciates speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness, then MeloTel is the right choice for you. And, yes, as a reminder, we can save you money!

How can MeloTel save you money? Firstly, we guarantee that we charge less than the big-name telecom provider you’re likely used to doing business with. As we highlighted in one of our blogs last week, MeloTel will review your current telecom bill for free. We will then pinpoint the various services you pay for, explain the equivalents (a term we use loosely, considering that we see our services as superior) that we provide and detail the differences in the costs for each.

Secondly, for every American dollar you spend on our services, you’re actually paying off about $1.30 Canadian. So, you’re already ahead of the game! Take our amazing Commercial Phone Services, for example. For single users, our plans start at $38.00 CAD per month. Right now, that equates to approximately $29.26 USD per month. Our Website Maintenance Services begin at $60.00 CAD for the basic two hour package. That’s only $46.20 USD for you!

But why go with MeloTel? To reiterate, as a Canadian company, we’ll be helping you to save money on the exchange rate. And yes, we’re confident that our services are second-to-none. But, at the end of the day, we feel that our brand is a cut above the rest in the telecom world thanks to our commitment to providing optimum customer service. Part of our mission statement is to provide “better value, better technology and better service.”

You can count on MeloTel to focus on and meet every one of your business needs. We are strongly committed to treating you like you are our most important client in every interaction we have with you. And that’s because you are our most important client! When we provide you with unbeatable customer service, we know that it actually helps you keep your customers happy as well.

For more information on any and all of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website. It’s the perfect time to buy products and services from Canada!

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