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What Makes MeloTel So Great?

The title of today’s blog is actually a question that isn’t so easy for us to answer. And that’s because we don’t know where to start! Seriously, where do we begin? We love the fact that we’re saving our customers money. But, we’re even more excited about the fact that we’re providing them with higher-quality telecom services than they were used to with their former providers. And that’s no April Fools’ joke!

You’ll have to excuse us for living a little bit on the boastful side this week. With our brand new and improved website now officially launched, MeloTel has taken its first official step towards its future. And it’s one where we know we will heavily compete with the “big name” telecom brands. That isn’t to say that we will be become as large a business as them. It is, however, a statement of confidence that Canadian business owners will continue to learn that you don’t need to go big to get the best!

Here are five reasons MeloTel is so great:

1. Your free phone. We haven’t taken away our all inclusive phone offer. Unlike other providers, we include the price of your phone in our Commercial Phone Services packages. We provide the phone as part of your service for as long as you are a MeloTel customer. As well, we have no hidden setup charges. Your monthly bill is as predictable as ever. Our new clients have happily informed us of how much they appreciate having no surprises on their bills each month.

2. Unlimited calling. As we’ve blogged about numerous times before, our VoIP phone solutions provide our clients with numerous features that weren’t available with their old traditional landlines. One of the best benefits of speaking “over the cloud” is that it significantly reduces the large costs associated with long distance calling. With our phone plans, clients can call more than 22 countries for free!

3. Ample calling features. With MeloTel, there is no “basic” phone line in the traditional sense. We understand that busy business owners need to make use of the various features that have come to be expected with phone services in the modern world. Why pay extra for things you’re supposed to get to begin with? Our phone services come with call waiting, 3-way calling and voicemail to email all already included in the packages.

4. Local and toll free numbers. At MeloTel, we’re committed to helping you find ways to grow your business. For years, our clients have found that the option of using either local or toll free numbers as contacts for their clients has worked wonders. Open your company up to clients from all over North America by utilizing a toll free number. We even have an array of vanity numbers available to help customers easily remember how to contact your business!

5. Quick and efficient support. As you’re likely already aware, MeloTel prides itself on providing the best customer service in our industry. When calling us up, you can expect to receive reliable tech support within 60 seconds. We’re also very interested in hearing from our customers about anything we can do to improve our customer service. We encourage you to take our Customer Satisfaction Survey to fill us in. As you may know, filling out our survey enters you into our monthly draw for $100.00!

Call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL today! We believe we’re more than just an alternative to “the other guys”. We specialize in keeping your costs low, we offer modern solutions for modern requirements and we provide friendly and helpful professional consulting. MeloTel is committed to providing better value, better technology, better service, better support and better terms. That’s what makes MeloTel so great!

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