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MeloTel Has A Bunch More 416 Vanity Numbers To Choose From!

Earlier this week, we revisited the concept of vanity numbers and unveiled a bunch of 416 area code vanity numbers that are available to all of MeloTel’s new customers of our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services. Whether you are operating in the Toronto area or not, 416 phone numbers are hot commodities. Add the benefits that come with easy-to-remember vanity numbers and you’ve secured yourself a very profitable way of promoting your business!

As we mentioned before, MeloTel practices what it preaches. Using 1-888-MELOTEL as our toll-free vanity number, we have easily been able to encourage more calls to our business. Thanks to our experience with using this memorable toll-free number, we can confidently say that using a vanity number is an excellent business-booster. It helps to connote a highly professional status for your brand as well.

Here are some more 416 vanity numbers that are available from MeloTel:

416-SHOE-580. Do you own a shoe store? Are you involved in the footwear industry in any way? This 416 vanity number will help drive Toronto-area customers to your brand. Shoes will simply never go out of style. We all need them – all the time! With that said, you’re up against a lot of competition. Use this number to make it easier for people to think of your brand when they’re in the need for shoes. It will help sway more customers to your store.

416-SOAPY-60. Do you sell cleaning products? Do you run a cleaning company? Whether your business provides professional home cleaning services, is a dry cleaners or even a car wash, this is an excellent vanity number to use! So easy to say and so easy to recall, this number sets your company apart from its competitors, no matter what type of soap-related service it provides!

Other numbers available for this industry include 416-SOAP-960.

416-208-JUNK. Do you provide a home cleaning service? Do you own a junk removal company in Toronto? Perhaps, your store buys and sells used items. If so, this 416 vanity number is a great one for your business. Numbers like these make it so much easier to advertise your brand. At the same time, it provides insight into what you do – helping people get rid of junk! Naturally, it also provides very memorable contact information.

416-COP-HURT. Are you either an ex-cop or someone currently involved in law enforcement who provides legal services? Are you a lawyer or personal injury attorney who specializes in securing settlements for those who have been injured in car accidents or job-related mishaps? If so, you’ve found yourself a great number to give out to possible clients!

Other numbers available for this industry include 416-COP-GUST or perhaps 416-227-05-OK.

416-BOO-FUN-4. Do you own a party centre? Do you offer live entertainment services? Do you operate a theme park? Do you own a costume store? Especially if your business specializes in the scary-side of fun, this is a great vanity number to use. Of course, there’s a bunch of other fun-providing businesses that could use this number. Could it relate to your brand in some way?

Other numbers available for this industry include 416-ANN-FUN-4.

Here is the remaining list of 416 vanity numbers that are available from MeloTel:


To secure your 416 vanity number today, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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