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Why Leaving Voicemails Is “The Next Best Thing”

Let’s just put it plainly. For optimum customer service, there must be a real-time person to person interaction. Okay, maybe that wasn’t so plain. People like live voices. There’s that’s better. When customers call your company, they expect to speak to actual humans. That way, they can ask questions and have them answered immediately. However, getting a live person on the line is usually only an option during business hours.

The next best thing, of course, would be for your customers to leave voicemails. And while leaving recorded messages comes in second place to receiving immediate customer service, it is not something that customers don’t expect. How you respond to your voicemails makes all the difference in the world. Quick responses that demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction is the key. Just be sure to check your messages frequently!

Why do customers prefer leaving voicemails over leaving messages with other parties?

Although most people do prefer live voices, there are many reasons why avoiding a “middle man” is preferable. Firstly, some messages are considered confidential and passing them along to third parties can make customers feel that their privacy is being compromised.

Leaving voicemails also ensures that no signals are crossed and no messages suffer any miscommunications. Even the smallest details being left out of a message that is transferred from a receptionist to its intended recipient can result in big problems. Allowing your clients to leave detailed recorded messages ensures that accurate information is always received.

As well, a lot of people simply hate being put on hold. They like to leave messages that will get returned at a later time so that they can use that time wisely. Sitting and waiting on hold, for many individuals, is a nuisance they’d rather avoid.

Why do customers prefer leaving voicemails instead of calling back?

It allows customers to not have to repeat themselves. In other words, a voicemail takes care of step one of the customer service process. A customer leaves a message with a question or concern along with information that allows you to call him/her back. When you return the call, you already know what the original call was about. There’s no need for the process to begin all over again.

At MeloTel, we offer North American business owners cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services that take the art of receiving voicemails to the next level. Voicemail to your Email is one of the many fascinating features that are available with our phone services. As the name implies, it sends all of your voicemails to your email inbox as mp3 files. It makes it practically impossible to miss any of your important messages!

Not to mention, having your voicemail recordings saved as mp3s allows you to store and file them in never-before-imagined ways. Clients that have taken advantage of the Voicemail to your Email feature have found that it has vastly helped them to improve their customer service practices.

For more information about our Commercial Phone Services and all of the great features that come with them, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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