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No Tricks! Treating Your Customers How They Like To Be Treated

Halloween is just around the corner! On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we wish all of you lovers of trick or treating a very Happy Halloween! Considering the nature of the spooky annual occasion, we thought it made sense to discuss some important ways to treat your customers. It requires no tricks! Maximizing customer satisfaction often comes by way of paying attention to the simple things that make people happy.

Accept feedback and implement changes based on it.

We all love to be heard. When you receive customer complaints, accept them as opportunities to grow your brand. Feedback is always a good thing, whether it is positive or negative. Naturally, we thoroughly enjoy praise. However, when a customer informs you of an issue that requires attention, it enables you to showcase your penchant for putting customers first. Be sure to make changes based on constructive criticism. But, also make sure you inform your customers about those changes. Your attentiveness to what matters to your clients won’t go unnoticed.

“Feedback is a great way to grow both your business and your skills,” agrees Small Business BC, “Provide ways for customers to give feedback, whether it’s a follow up email or phone call, a suggestions box or something more fun and innovative.”

Create a team of customer service pros.

It’s important to show your employees a lot of love. There is no way that your company’s representatives will treat your customers with respect if they don’t feel respected. Your company culture should be one that has workers feeling valued and appreciated. That’s how you get every member of your team on board with providing unbeatable customer service. With everyone treating your customers with love, your company will develop an incomparable reputation.

“Find ways to educate employees on the nature of respect and how it is a key driver of performance, partnership and productivity,” advises Gregg Ward of The Gregg Ward Group on, “I would demonstrate how respect helps every interaction go more smoothly. I’d also help them understand that if they feel respected, our customers will too.”

Be accessible.

In today’s world, we have a myriad of ways to contact people. In addition to the phone, we have email, a variety of messaging apps, texting and live online chats. It’s near impossible to be out of touch! When customers contact your company and don’t get someone to speak to quickly, it can be very off-putting. Be sure to offer up a numerous contact methods. But, more importantly, make yourself as accessible as possible.

“Customer service is no longer just about face-to-face contact and telephone,” notes Small Business BC, “If you’re working in an industry or marketplace where customers are constantly online, you need to amend your service delivery to incorporate that.”

With Single Number Reach, you will be the most accessible you’ve ever been! This awesome service enables you to forward your business phone number to any device of your choosing. That way, you can stay at home or be on the road and still make and take business calls without your callers having any idea you’re not in your office. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or email