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The Beauty Of Boosting Both Social Media Engagement And Holiday Spirit

Welcome to the month of November! Now that the Halloween festivities are behind us, we’ve officially entered into another very exciting time of year. That’s right! The holiday shopping season is officially upon us. No matter your business, you are undoubtedly conjuring up ways to lure holiday shoppers to your brand.

For obvious reasons, the holiday season is the perfect time for small businesses to harness the power of social media. With consumers looking to spend more than they normally do, now is the time to increase engagement, connect with customers and boost sales. But with everyone vying for attention, how can you stand out in the crowded digital landscape?

Ensure your posts incorporate creative eye-catching visuals.

First impressions matter. Is it a cliché? Sure. It is 100% true? Absolutely! On social media, a post without visuals will very often get overlooked. During the always-festive holiday season, this is especially the case. Be sure to invest in eye-catching, holiday-themed graphics and images that align with your brand and the holiday spirit.

Using bright colours, festive font and engaging imagery will help to make your posts pop. But, to capture your audience’s attention, make sure that your messaging is well-written and aligned with the visuals you’re using.

Share heartwarming stories.

Is there a better time of year to express tales of goodwill? Share heartwarming stories about your business, employees or customers. Highlight acts of kindness, community involvement or any charitable initiatives your business is part of. Speaking of charity, just a reminder that there is certainly no shortage of charitable organizations you can partner with at this time of year.

The stories you share won’t just resonate with your target audience. They will help to build a positive brand image and foster a sense of connection and trust with the general public. Remember that people like to do business with companies that share their values. This holiday season, be transparent about what your brand stands for.

Create interactive content.

Remember that you are a business owner, not a highschooler! Social media engagement isn’t just about likes and comments. It’s about fostering genuine interactions. Encourage your followers to participate in such interactive content as polls, quizzes and holiday-themed challenges. Think “12 Days of Holiday Trivia”. It could be a series where participants answer questions related to your products or services, with daily winners receiving small prizes.

Speaking of contests, you just can’t go wrong with hosting one. Create a holiday-themed contest, asking your followers to participate by sharing their holiday traditions, photos or stories related to your products or services. Offer attractive prizes like discounts, gift cards or exclusive holiday bundles. Make sure to use a unique and memorable hashtag for your contest to increase visibility.

Allow the Melo Technology team to boost your social media engagement.

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