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How To Become An Industry Leader With The Help Of VoIP

All week long, the MeloTel Blog has been returning to its roots to champion the many virtues of Voice over Internet Protocol. If you’ve been reading (it’s never too late to catch up on our last two blogs if you haven’t!), you’ll know that VoIP phones provide business owners with many advantages over traditional landlines. Clearer communications and big savings are just two of the most popular benefits.

But how can VoIP truly help you to become an industry leader?

Wherever you go, your business goes with you.

The fact that VoIP enables you to be mobile is something we pointed out a couple of blogs ago. But it deserves repeating considering how much it can change the ways in which your business earns income. Consider the fact that “Sorry, I was away from my desk” and “I was out of town at the time you called” are responses you’ll never have to give another customer. Now consider just how pleased you’ll make every client by being more accessible than your competitors.

“VoIP allows business professionals to unchain themselves from their desks,” affirms Jim Murphy on, “Sales reps can have their calls forwarded to their cell phones in the field. Repair experts can handle new inquiries and customer service calls while at a job site. A manager can have some agents work from home but still maintain their connection to the office phone system.”

Your business practically never shuts down.

Not only does VoIP enable you to be accessible no matter where you may be, it also ensures that your phone systems don’t shut down. Emergencies can arise at any moment. Take a power outage, for example. A loss of power generally means a loss of your internet connection and therefore, your phones. However, a failover solution is part of VoIP’s package of features. It will forward your business number to a mobile device to keep you from missing important customer service opportunities.

As Emer Farrell of IP Telecom explains, “one of the main concerns people have with VoIP is that if the broadband goes down, you lose your phones completely until the systems are back up and running. This is not the case! When using VoIP, you’re actually reducing the risks for downtime as there are failover options available to you. You can switch to a secondary broadband connection, or divert to a different number.”

Your company becomes a sought-after place to work.

Our friends over at Hire Value Inc. often report that the best way for a company to attract top talent to its staff is to ensure that its current employees are kept happy. As explained by eGuard Technology Services, VoIP has the ability to improve employee retention.

“Studies indicate that employees are more likely to stay with a company if they feel passionate and connected to the work they do, while feeling as though they matter to the company,” reveals the site, “Utilizing outdated legacy software is a surefire way to drive out some of your best talent. VoIP provides the latest telecommunications technology. It can make the jobs of your employees easier and more efficient while enabling them to feel more connected to the company at large.”

Make the switch to VoIP today! For information about MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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