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Highlighting The 5 Reasons To Choose MeloTel

The MeloTel Blog has often included posts that focus on the importance of customer service. Priding ourselves on our ability to truly provide the best possible service in our industry, the MeloTel team remains committed to ensuring that each and every one of our customer interactions is an enjoyable one. As we’ve pointed out a few times, feedback given to us from our Customer Satisfaction Survey entries has been very valuable.

Do keep in mind, by the way, that you may take our survey each and every time you have had an interaction with a member of our technical support staff. Each entry makes you eligible for our monthly $100.00 giveaway! You see, it is never lost on us that it isn’t just great products and services that make a company popular. It’s the experiences that they give their customers that make the difference.

This is why we have highlighted the type of experiences we intend on providing our customers once they sign up with MeloTel. “Our approach is customer-centric” reads the tagline in our “5 Reasons To Choose MeloTel” section of our website’s new homepage. In today’s blog, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight those reasons: Better Value, Better Technology, Better Service, Better Support and Better Terms.

1. Better Value. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t like saving money? More importantly, is there anyone in the world wouldn’t like to save money while receiving optimum value in return? At MeloTel, we refuse to skimp on quality. But we also refuse to overcharge our customers. We ensure reduced rates compared to what is offered by other telecom providers, and guarantee low, predictable monthly bills.

2. Better Technology. Being on top of the latest technological advances is part of the MeloTel mandate. Our team is well-versed in the fields of VoIP telephones, CRM Software Applications, Web Hosting and so much more. As well, our systems are able to grow as your company grows. We are never outdated. No matter the size of your business, we provide the services that will uniquely meet its needs.

3. Better Service. Because this facet of our brand is found third on the list, please don’t assume that it is not a top priority. As mentioned earlier, top-notch customer service is a major part of the MeloTel mission statement. Becoming a “people’s company” has been achieved by treating each and every client as if he or she is our most important one. Specialized service is a key component to our regimen.

4. Better Support. Part of our commitment to unbeatable customer service is making sure that we are accessible. It is never lost on us that we are customers ourselves. And we know, from experience, that when we have questions or concerns, we’d like them addressed immediately. We want to be made to feel that our problems matter. Feeling all of this helps us to provide the fast and efficient support that our trained professionals have become known for.

5. Better Terms. With customer satisfaction as a top priority, we make sure not to insist upon lengthy contracts that make our clients feel tied down. Our services are meant to provide clients with exactly what they need for their businesses. They have as much freedom to switch providers as they wish. However, given our track record, we’re confident that once a person becomes a MeloTel client, there will be no need for switching again!

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