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Happy First Day Of School!

Today is a very special day for students and their parents all over North America. The first day of school represents the official ending of the summer vacation but, more importantly, the beginning of an entire new year of life experiences. Most of us can remember our school days fondly, recalling the fun times we shared with friends even though they were in the midst of hard nights of studying.

As parents, the beginning of a new school year provides unique, emotional-filled experiences that are propelled by our wishes for our children to be successful. We imagine our children in their classrooms, slowly but surely discovering what it is they’re going to make of their professional lives. This morning, MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche got to enjoy such an experience for the first time. Today is his 3 year-old son Mark’s first day of school!

Together with his wife, Kathryn and their toddler, Lukas, John witnessed Mark taking his first steps into a school classroom to begin Junior Kindergarten. As is the tradition with nearly all families, the occasion was captured through a number of photos – a couple of which we’re happy to share as part of this blog post.

You’ll notice little brother Lukas peering through the front door window to see Mark take the traditional on-the-porch-before-the-big-day shot. You’ll also notice just how excited Mark was to become an official student. Admitting that this morning was a bit emotional for his family, John is beaming with pride today. While everyone got a bit misty-eyed at seeing Mark embark on this new stage of his life, the new J.K. student’s daddy notes that his first-born is quite the trooper.

“I was surprised I got a little emotional when I let his hand go and he walked into that classroom,” John shared with us this morning, “I told him ‘I love you and we will see you later.’ He replied ‘Don’t worry Dad, I got this!” Needless to say, the entire MeloTel team is very proud of Mark and we wish him the very best as he adjusts to going to school every day.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our clients the very best as well. We know that we have many proud parents as part of our client base and we imagine that today may have been an emotional day for you also. Depending on the age of your children, it may also have been a big relief. We know how crazy summer vacations can get as keeping your kids busy feels like a full-time job. Therefore, we realize that the first day of school is often seen as a reprieve. Enjoy it!

Finally, we’d like to send our very best to all students who are back in their classrooms today. We encourage you to get the most out of your school-going experiences and remind you that your future is as bright as you want it to be. Happy first day of school everyone!

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