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Sending Our Support To All Who Have Been Affected By Hurricane Irma

The MeloTel team shares the sentiments recently expressed by people all over North America when we say that we’re glad that Hurricane Irma didn’t claim the lives that many expected it would. Our team has both family members and clients who live in the beautiful state of Florida. And, needless to say, the huge storm from this past weekend had us all a bit concerned.

We’re happy to report that everyone we know – both family members and clients – are safe and sound. Of course, some of their homes and businesses are bit worse for wear. However, at times like this, we realize just how insignificant our personal possessions are – even if we truly cherished them. Naturally, our homes mean a lot to us. But it’s the people who live inside those homes who matter to us the most.

Some of our Floridian family members and clients have reported that they are still without power. We’d like to take this opportunity to state, on behalf of the entire MeloTel team, that we hope for a speedy return to normalcy for all Floridians. We’re also quite proud to note, as well, that one of our clients is utilizing its return to business operations to help those in need.

Stellar Signs & Graphics is based on West Palm Beach, Florida – an area that was expected to be decimated by Hurricane Irma. We were thrilled to visit this awesome signage company’s Facebook page to see the following message:

“We are grateful to have weathered the storm and we hope that you and your family suffered none or minimal damage. We are fully operational and ready to assist with any of your sign needs. If you need a cup of coffee, cold bottle of water or want to take a break in the A/C, stop by, we will be happy to see you.”

We are reminded, however, that Hurricane Irma wasn’t so kind to everyone. Prior to hitting Florida, the storm devastated parts of the Caribbean including the tiny island of Barbuda, which is no longer uninhabitable as a result of the damage caused by the storm. Relief efforts are underway to help all of those who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma and we encourage you to do your part to help. is currently accepting donations online. “Relief efforts will continue for months as some areas have been reduced to rubble – hospitals, schools and homes will need rebuilding and with roadways washed out, emergency food and medical services will need to continue to be flown in,” explains their website, “Canadian charities are on the ground providing essentials such as food and clean water, shelter and medical services to those already affected by the disaster.”

The Canadian Red Cross is also accepting donations online. “The Red Cross is working around the world to coordinate emergency relief efforts and get help to people in affected areas as quickly as possible,” they report, “Money raised will enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this hurricane and other related severe weather events.”

Here’s hoping this is the last we’ve seen of hurricanes for a long time.

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