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When John Met Becky: MeloTel’s CEO Finally United With His 17 Year-Old Daughter

We have some incredible news to report! And, honestly, it’s the most incredible news we’ve ever reported on the MeloTel Blog. This morning, the MeloTel team discovered that our company’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche is the father of a wonderful 17 year-old girl named Rebeccah LeBrun. While we had the opportunity to learn of the big news from the big man himself, John revealed his recent discovery to the public in a touching post on his LinkedIn page earlier today.

“September 19, 2016 at 12:16pm I finally found out thru a DNA test that I have a 17 year old daughter I never had the opportunity to know her whole life,” John writes, “Excitement is an understatement. We have already told most of our closest friends and family but this announcement is intended to make it known and formally announce that I have a daughter. She’s amazing, smart and beautiful, she’s my daughter and will play a major role in the story that is my life for the rest of it.”

Of course, everyone in John’s life knows him as the affable and energetic father of Mark and Lukas, loving and devoted husband of Kathryn and MeloTel head honcho. As shocking as the news is to hear that John’s family has expanded in the most surprising of ways, the entire team is happy to hear that the entire Meloche family and Becky – as she prefers to be called – are already enjoying their new lives as a unit.

In his post, John credited his amazing wife and partner for the last decade, Kathryn for showing him so much love and support for his life-changing discovery. “Lucky for me, I have a very supportive wife, and my family is very accepting of this news in my life,” says John on LinkedIn, “It has turned into one of the most important things to happen in my life ever. It has greatly impacted my heart…Both my wife and I are excited for this new chapter in our lives and look forward to what the future holds for our newly expanded family.”

One would think that there are no words that can truly describe the feeling of learning you’re the father of a 17 year-old daughter who you’ve never met until recently. But John’s positive energy this morning has truly astounded his whole team. His elation has completely overridden any potential feelings of despair for missed time with Becky. An excited approach towards the rest of his life as her dad has made the beginning of 2017 the happiest new year he’s ever had!

We’re incredibly happy to report that the same can be said for Becky herself. Of course, it’s also hard to imagine what it’s like to live 17 years without knowing your father. In taking to her Facebook page this morning, Becky showed that there’s only one sensible way to feel about it all. She’s one of the happiest young ladies on the planet!

“I now feel whole, and eternally/internally happy,” she writes, “That night (after meeting my father), I learned so much more about him and I fell in love. And I am so thankful. I have a wonderful father, I have my amazing parents who did so much to make me so good and I love them so much, and I have my birth mom who I am thankful made me and I love her lots, and I have all of my sisters and brothers and friends who have supported me throughout this INSANE life journey.”

On behalf of the entire MeloTel team, we would like to warmly welcome Becky to the family that she’s been a part of her entire life, but will now have the benefit of enjoying first-hand. Congratulations to John and the Meloche family on this wonderful new adventure. A truly happy new year to you all!

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