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Revisiting The Importance Of Blogging Early Every Month

With today being the first of September, we’re reminded of a little concept called “blog archiving”. It’s basically the practice of categorizing your blogs in the right sidebar of your website’s blog page in order to allow your site’s visitors to easily access blogs from the past.

Why does the first of the month remind us of blog archives?

Many bloggers choose to archive their posts by date. Generally the month and year are used as the categories found in the right sidebar of the blog page. When you post a blog in any given month, it automatically gets archived as an entry from that month and year. This is why we feel it’s so important to post a blog as early as possible each month. And it doesn’t get any earlier than the first!

Believe it or not, your blog archive actually has quite the impact on your readership. Blog readers are well aware that regularly updated content speaks to how busy a business is. By contrast, a blog that isn’t updated very often (or at all) connotes that the company doesn’t have anything new to offer or perhaps, has even gone out of business!

By posting a blog on the first of the month (as we are today), you generate a new category in your blog archive section. “September 2017” would obviously represent the archive that today’s post would belong in. The simple fact that such an archive exists so early in the month offers a telltale sign that we operate an active, up-with-the-times organization.

Is it mandatory to post a blog on the first of every month?

Certainly not. Truth be told, we don’t even do that ourselves. However, MeloTel is one of those rare companies that chooses to blog several times per week. Our blog section is very active. So much so that instead of year and month archives, we include a list of recent blogs in the right sidebar of our blog page. It shows just how busy we are! As a result, we’ve been able to rank quite highly in search engines when keywords related to the telecom industry are typed into Google.

Go ahead and type “importance of blog archives” in Google. MeloTel’s previous blog post covering the subject is ranked second in that search! Try typing “importance of blogging on first of the month” in Google. MeloTel’s old post about that topic is ranked first!

How can MeloTel help you with your blog archive situation?

As you’re no doubt aware, MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire are more than capable of keeping the blog section of your company website fresh and filled with relevant content that is bound to attract visitors. For many years, our team has fascinated business owners from all over North America by mastering the ability to write clever and thought-provoking blogs on industries that they previously had no knowledge of.

We can blog as frequently as you like, depending on the needs and budget of your company. Some clients choose to blog daily, some weekly and others every other week. The key, of course, is to update your site with content that insists that your business be taken seriously.

For more information about our blogging services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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