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Grow your mobile audience, engage clients and increase sales with our SMS Marketing solutions

Using MeloText is a great tool for communicating to the masses, convey your message efficiently and receive private replies.

Using MeloText is the next best form of communicating than a direct phone call. Calling people and repeating your questions or message over and over again can be time consuming, repetitive and isn’t an efficient tool.

Using MeloText only requires the target groups cellphone number and a message to convey. It is way more personal than an email, as the alert is in the form of a text message directly on their cell phone making it more noticeable and a direct way to be seen.

In addition to using MeloText to communicate to the masses, you can also do polls and get the results instantly as they come in.

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Fitness Centers

One of the challenges most gym owners face in a very competitive market is keeping their customers coming back to their facility to work out. Well, with our easy to use text marketing software, that problem will quickly become a thing of the past.


Thanks to its unavoidable nature, SMS marketing is perfectly suited to the retail market. Marketing in the retail sector requires a massive campaign of direct mail, email or inserts to be effective. This makes SMS marketing a convenient and very effective way to get a message to consumers.

Restaurants & Cafes

Text message marketing is a simple and inexpensive way for restaurants to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Reward your customers with discounts on menu items and let them know about specials you are running.

Dance Classes

Let’s face it. Students and parents at your school are always on their smartphone. Our easy to use text marketing system allows you to keep consistent communication with all of them about class schedules and announcements.

Salons & Spas

The market is changing everyday, in terms of technology, and spa owners do very well utilizing SMS messaging to their benefit. The majority of clients at spas and salons are return customers, opening the door for them to opt in to receive SMS messages about the latest sale, special, or service.


Missed appointments and forgotten medications can be a thing of the past. Our automated service is an ideal way to reach out to patients with appointment or prescription reminders. Doctors and dentists both find the appointment reminder feature very helpful in maintaining a very tight schedule.

Here is a list of the features;

  • Bulk SMS
  • Unlimited Mobile Keywords
  • Bulk SMS Scheduling
  • Autoresponders
  • 2-way messaging
  • SMS Contests
  • Contests
  • Birthday SMS Wishes
  • Facebook Integration
  • Bulk SMS Delivery Stats
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics
  • Website Signup Widgets
  • SMS Polls
  • Polls
  • Mobile Splash Page Builder
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Built In Link Shortening & Tracking
  • Assign Multiple Long Codes
  • Email Alerts
  • Message Templates
  • Broadcast From Phone
  • QR Codes
  • Segment Your Contacts
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Upload Your Subscriber Lists
  • Voicemail / Call Forwarding
  • SMS to Email / Email to SMS
  • Helpdesk
  • Name and Email Capture
  • Contact Management
  • SMS Loyalty Rewards
  • SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards
  • Kiosk Builder

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