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Giving Your Business A Top-Choice Voice

Woman singing on retro microphoneThere is much that can be discovered from a person’s voice. His or her tone, inflections, volume and demeanor connote quite a lot. Notice we haven’t even mentioned what is actually being said? While the words themselves are always important, it’s the way in which those words are spoken that really tells the message. And when it comes to your business, you want your message to be clear.

A client of MeloTel’s recently shared a story with us during the course of his journey to purchase a new home. When looking for a real estate agent, he came across a few pictures of some individuals in the business who had websites. “Most of them were smiling in their pictures,” he recalled, “but one of them just has this dead stare. It was kind of bizarre.”

Admitting that his curiosity got the best of him, he contacted the non-smiling real estate agent and got an answering service that was incredibly polite and cordial. He left a message that was soon returned by a very pleasant-sounding gentleman. “What’s with the non-smile in the picture?” our client jokingly asked. A burst of laughter followed by a friendly reply became the beginning of a new business relationship.

It should be noted, by the way, that the smiling real estate agents received calls from our client as well. Cold and “overly professional” was the mood of the voice greetings, according to our client. The point? The voice used to communicate your message is as important as the message itself. So think about how much that level of importance increases when you put together a voice ad to promote your business.

Speak To Your Demographic. The voice that you select for your voice ad – and even your outgoing phone greetings, for that matter – should totally suit your target market. In some cases, you may need to speak slowly and sound relaxed. And, in others, you may need to sound more energetic and upbeat. It all depends. What is your product? To whom are you trying to sell it?

Craft Your Script. As mentioned, the voice is important. You need to be as professional as you are affable. But the words themselves also play a key role in how well your voice ad will work to boost business. Consider the pacing, sentence structure and tone of the writing. You also want to be sure that the text can be spoken within a specific time frame, which is often 30 seconds.

Decide Upon Music. Not all voice ads are completely dry – as in voice only. Many, as you know, incorporate music. Music plays a huge role in the story you want to tell and the mood you’re trying to set. What style of music would work best in the promotion of your products and services? Think about how you want your customers to feel after they’ve heard your commercial in order to choose the right sound.

Hire MeloTel! Our Voice Talent Production team is a top-notch group of voice actors, singers, rappers and overall professional vocalists. Whether you’re looking for a dry voice over or you’d like to incorporate music in your next ad, our team will be able to create the ideal spot for your next campaign. For more information, please give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL.