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5 Ways A Voice Can Make Your Brand A Top Choice

A lot can be determined by the sound of a person’s voice. Having worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, the members of the MeloTel staff have grown to know a thing or two about people’s voices. Their tones, inflections and even speed of speech can say quite a lot about their moods, intentions and attitudes. So what does that mean for your business?

It means that the ways in which you and your employees handle phone calls will determine the impressions of your brand that people have. This is especially true when callers to your business receive a voice mail greeting. Unlike a live phone call, your greeting can be recorded several times before it is selected as the perfect outgoing message. It requires perfection in order to send the right message.

And, as a result, it requires a professional voice over talent in order to have the most impressive quality possible. At MeloTel, our Voice Talent Production team consists of some of the most talented actors, singers, rappers and poets in today’s entertainment industry. With many years of experience in recording studios, our team is the perfect choice for your next voice over project. Here are five ways that our voice can help make your brand a top choice.

1. Dry voice overs. Our most cost-efficient voice over production incorporates no frills, but provides a clear and professional message. We can follow a narration as written by you or work with you in concocting the perfectly worded recording that can last up to 60 seconds. Use such recordings as your outgoing messages or even for audio on your website. You may even consider it for a radio spot, although we’d recommend the addition of music for such projects.

2. Production and music editing. As we alluded to, music is an excellent accompaniment to any voice over project looking to make a greater impression of your business. MeloTel works in state-of-the-art recording studios with professional musicians to provide you with top-quality productions. An original piece of music tied to your brand marketing is a great way to advertise your company in a prestigious manner.

3. On hold/phone messages. Our team can voice your on hold messages and outgoing voice greetings for durations of time set out by you. This is an important aspect of your business as it connotes a type of professionalism that can be missed if your recordings are subpar. Remember that many of your first-time callers will be getting their first impressions of your business based on the recorded voices they hear when dialling you up.

4. Character voices. Many business owners hold branding as a top priority. So, depending on the type of businesses they run, standard voices won’t do the trick to promote their brand messaging. Is there a particular character that exists that represents your business? Do you have a mascot? Is there a specific type of voice that you think would best communicate your message? If you need character voices, our team is ready for the challenge!

5. Spanish. Perhaps you have a customer base that could also greatly benefit from being able to communicate with you in the Spanish language. Lucky for you, MeloTel’s team has Spanish speaking voice over talent that is ready to do a job that could easily be described as “muy bueno”! Please give us a call to discuss any and all services that we have available from our Voice Talent Production team at 1-888-MELOTEL.