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Fill Out Our Questionnaire And Get Us Blogging For You This Week!

Any visitor of the MeloTel website is made aware, pretty quickly, that we like to keep our site updated. As we’ve blogged about numerous times in the past, a regularly-updated blog is highly favoured by search engines. The more new content you add to your site, the more chances you give it to rank highly when people search keywords relative to your industry. In today’s world, it certainly pays to have a strong online presence.

At MeloTel, we’re very proud to be able to say that our website is not the only one we keep regularly updated. Our talented Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire have been updating blog sections of company websites for business all across North America for years. Perhaps it’s time that our team begins updating your website with new content!

If you’re interested in having us write for you, please take a few moments to fill out our New Blogging Client Questionnaire.

The New Blogging Client Questionnaire is intended to help us understand your blogging objectives. We always want to maintain the highest quality and most relevant message possible when representing your organization. The more details and the more complete information you provide by answering the questions in the questionnaire, the better we will be able to compose traffic-boosting blogs for your website.

Remember, you’re the expert in your field! But our bloggers are experts at writing. When our writers are fully equipped with an understanding about your business, they will be able to professionally communicate your expertise to the members of your target audience. Therefore, we kindly ask that you be thorough when filling out your answers. The more details we have, the better!

What type of consumer is part of your target audience? To whom are your blogs to be directed?

These are a couple of the questions that you’ll find in the questionnaire. They’re designed to help our team of writers find the right “voice” for your company. Keep in mind that blogs function as direct forms of communication with the people who are most likely to be interested in becoming your customers. As a result, it’s important that we “speak their language”. Not only is it wise to use appropriate terms that are commonplace in your industry, but nailing the right tone is of key importance.

Some businesses prefer their blogs to be formal and professional while others opt for more loose and conversational styles. The choice really is yours! Consider the way you speak to your clients. Your blogs should be written to parallel your communication style. Each blog should be designed to speak on your behalf when you’re not available.

One of the biggest benefits of blogging is that blogs offer 24/7 assistance.

Your business hours may not go around the clock. But your website is certainly available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With limitless access to your blog, your readers should find them super helpful and convenient. Both the valuable information and welcoming nature of each blog post is designed to keep your website’s visitors coming back. They more often they do, the easier it will be to transition them into paying customers!

MeloTel’s Founder and CEO, John Meloche returns from vacation this Wednesday. Please don’t hesitate to call 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website, upon his return, to inquire about our blogging services!

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