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The Extreme Importance Of Sticking To Your Word

Is there anything more important than your word?

In the world of business, it’s difficult to conclude that there is a more important trait than trustworthiness. If you can’t keep to your word, you will lose business. It’s that simple. Trust is everything. When customers call your company looking for solutions to their problems, they expect you to be a problem solver. Creating more problems is a surefire way to earn a bad reputation for your brand.

One of our colleagues recently regaled us with a story about his property insurance company – a company that is soon to become his former provider of insurance. Our colleague encountered a leak in his bathroom that unfortunately caused mould growth and damage to both his condominium unit and the unit beneath his.

He informed us that his insurance company was less than helpful. Not only was he pressured into using a “preferred” contractor that was unable to offer any immediate assistance (he was told they could begin repairs within three weeks!), but he was denied some of the liability coverage that was supposed to cover the repairs to the suite underneath his. Of course, he discovered all of this several weeks after the insurance company’s representatives assured him that everything would be taken care of.

“It was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had with a company,” our colleague informed us, “They were so difficult to work with. My building’s property manager told me he’s never had such a problem with another insurance company. They told me that they’d cover all of the damage and then went back on their word. They couldn’t even give me a valid reason why they couldn’t cover everything.” Needless to say, our colleague is now in the midst of finding a new insurance company to cover any potential damage to his property.

Trustworthiness makes a huge difference.

At MeloTel, we know how important it is to both gain and maintain trust from customers. As a result, we stick to our word. It’s just that simple. If we say we’re going to provide a service, we do so. If we quote a price, we honour it. We know that when customers feel mislead, they will be quick to find another company to work with.

This is why we go to great lengths to prove to new clients that we mean what we say. It’s important to us because many business owners assume that what we have to offer is “too good to be true”. Take our cloud-hosted Commercial Phone Services, for example. Not only do they provide crystal clear sound quality, but they offer unlimited calling to more than 22 countries.

In addition, they come with FREE Polycom phone equipment for as long as the customer is with MeloTel. All of this and our phone services are still less expensive than traditional telephone services!

If this all sounds too good to be true to you, we’d love the opportunity to discuss our Commercial Phone Services with you further. Gaining your trust is of paramount importance to us. And sticking to our word is simply a mandatory part of the way we do business.

See for yourself! For information about any and all of our cloud-hosted services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the Live Chat feature on our website!

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