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Discerning Between The Right And Wrong Ways To Place Someone On Hold

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve blogged about hold time. And it’s not likely to be the last. Putting a customer on hold is actually a bigger deal than you may assume. Sure, it’s something that’s done every day by practically every company that conducts business over the phone. But how many businesses are putting people on hold the right away?

So there’s a right way and a wrong way to place someone on hold?

Well, consider this MeloTel’s way of going on record and saying “yes”. The wrong way to place someone on hold is to simply state that it’s going to be done. “Hold please” is no way to inform a caller to your business that you’ll need a little extra time to address his/her needs or concerns. It’s important to ask permission. Yes, something as simple as placing a person on hold requires that you ask if it’s okay first.

“May I please place you on hold for a minute while I take a look into that for you?”

Look at how many bases are covered in that one question. Firstly, it asks for your permission – kindly. Never assume that your customer relationships are so strong that you can omit your Ps and Qs. Secondly, it suggests a time limit. This is a key ingredient in placing someone on hold in the correct manner. It gives your caller an indication as to how long the hold time will be.

What if the hold time is longer than originally intended?

This offers you an excellent customer service opportunity. Simply come back to the line and inform the caller that you’ll need some extra time to complete the task you’re currently working on. Your caller will appreciate it. Your consideration reflects the fact that your brand doesn’t take its customers for granted and that their time is valuable. Finally, the hold time question also reflects the reason you’re asking for the hold.

Don’t assume that your callers know what you’re up to. Give them a brief synopsis on the work that will be required for you to complete. “I’m going to check with my manager to see if your order has been shipped yet. If it hasn’t, I’ll be sure to put a rush on it so that it gets to you right away.”

Providing this information will get you “off the hook” for keeping a caller on hold for longer durations of time. As long as he/she is aware that what you’re doing is constructive and/or assisting with the important matter at hand, you’ll be providing the top-of-the-line customer service your company deserves to be known for.

How important is hold music?

Believe it or not, it’s a key ingredient in providing excellent customer service! Hold music guarantees callers that they haven’t been disconnected. It goes a long way in keeping people from hanging up. Naturally, the longer your callers stay on the line, the more opportunities you have to build your customer relationships. Long-term loyalty and repeat business are staples for any successful brand.

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