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Why Is Custom Hold Music So Important?

Did you know that Custom Hold Music is offered as one of the many great features that come with MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services? Don’t be mistaken. This feature definitely doesn’t belong in the “no big deal” category. Having music play while your customers are waiting on hold for you can go a really long way in improving customer relationships and increasing sales. Not convinced? Consider the following.

Hold music can be customized to sell your products and services. Not all hold music has to be mundane “muzak”. MeloTel offers you the option of having a unique recording produced that can serve as an advertisement for your latest products, specials, discounts and promotions. Without this feature, your callers will be sitting and waiting, wondering if the representatives they were talking to will ever come back to the lines.

Hold music helps to improve your brand image. Remember, there’s a difference between using the radio or playing an arbitrary playlist and customizing the music you play for your callers. The music you select or create should reflect the style and image of your brand. As well, the message you decide to provide should entice the caller to listen and not hang up. That’s one of the main benefits of hold music to begin with.

Hold music prevents hang ups. To be honest, nearly anything is better than dead silence! When your representatives put callers on hold, there should never be dead air. It gives the impression that the line has been disconnected. Many people will understandably hang up if that is the impression given. Besides, how boring is it to listen to nothing? Hold music ensures callers that the calls have not been disconnected.

Hold music can increase your call volume. Have you ever heard a song that you really liked but wasn’t sure what it was called or who performed it? We’re willing to bet that this instance has occurred from time to time when you’ve called a company expecting customer service, and encountered a tune that you just can’t seem to get out of your head. Believe it or not, hold music has often encouraged people to call companies back to learn more about the music itself.

Here’s the bottom line. It’s your job to provide the best possible customer service that you can. At the end of the day, all customers want excellent experiences. To provide such experiences, you need to consider all facets of your interactions with people who call your company. At some point, you’re bound to put your callers on hold. It just comes with the territory of running a business. Don’t mistake hold time for “wasted time”. It can prove to be very valuable.

Consider hold music your ally in making your business more favourable in the eyes (and ears) of the people who support your business. Whether you choose to create original pieces (or have MeloTel do it for you!) or use music of your preference, Custom Hold Music is essential to providing optimum customer service over the phone. And as you know, MeloTel is happy to provide it for you as an option that comes with our Commercial Phone Services.

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