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What Makes Conference Calls So Good For Business?

In our last blog, we listed a number of amazing features that are available as part of MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services. And as awesome as they all are, we wanted to shed some further light on the last one we pointed out. The ability to conduct conference calls is a pretty important aspect of today’s business world. Putting a meeting together that involves various individuals from various locations is an incredibly productive activity.

How do conference calls work? Essentially, this feature enables you to quickly connect various employees and clients who are located in different locations throughout the world on one phone call all at the same time. Conference calls allow you to follow a planned agenda that gets the attention of everyone involved in the conversation. Having the immediate attention of each participant enables you to resolve issues quicker.

How do conference calls save your company money? Gone are worries about travel expenses. Conference calls eliminate the need to spend money on airline tickets and hotel stays for clients and colleagues who live and work in distant locations. Even those who reside in your city won’t have to worry about spending money on gas or parking to make it into your office. Conference calls do a lot to save both money and time for all involved.

How do conference calls make meetings more productive? In addition to saving time on travel, it enables you to resolve matters quickly. By linking all employees and clients together at the same time without having to wait for anyone to show up, you are able to address urgent matters right away. Generally, those who conduct conference calls follow a set number of items to be discussed so that meetings are more efficient.

As well, conference calls can be conducted using the aid of computer monitors that allow participants to pass along videos and images that can enhance the meeting experience. With them, meeting participants are visually stimulated, giving them reasons to be more interactive and focused during the meetings. Visual elements of the meetings assist with having information more clearly communicated as well.

How do conference calls provide added security for your business? The conference call feature is a secure one in that users are required to set up usernames and passwords in order to join in on the conversations. Therefore, you eliminate the risk of having anyone hack into the conference calls. The feature gives you the option of restricting unwanted parties in joining in the discussions.

How do conference calls help your bottom line? At the end of the day, it all comes down to making decisions quicker. Getting down to business and handling matters quickly makes a big difference. The avoidance of sitting and waiting around for things to get done is the real benefit of conference calls. The quicker decisions are made, the quicker you’re able to move forward with plans that will increase revenue.

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