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Canada’s Love For Texting Is A Great Thing For Your Business

How many times have you checked your smartphone today? We’re willing to bet you have no idea. Daily smartphone use is so commonplace that the vast majority of us couldn’t wager a guess as to how many times we gaze upon their screens. In today’s world, our smartphones are used for just about everything. They provide us with access to the internet. They take our pictures and videos. Sometimes, we remember their original functions and actually make phone calls!

Of course, smartphones are also used to send text messages. How many texts have you sent today? Without looking, you aren’t likely to know. Surely, you send texts on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you are using traditional text messaging software or messaging apps. The act of clicking on your phone’s screen to access a virtual keyboard is a common occurrence. Simply put, texting is a huge part of the way we communicate with others every day.

Two in five Canadians check their phone at least every 30 minutes.

This statistic comes courtesy of Statistics Canada. It reveals that Canadians are avid smartphone users. No surprise there. However, in the wake of the pandemic, the use of mobile devices significantly increased. According to the StatsCan website, 84% of Canadians relied on smartphones for personal use in 2020 to communicate, to do research or for entertainment.

“When asked about smartphone habits in a typical day, just over half of Canadians (53%) said that checking their smartphone was the first thing they did when they woke up and the last thing they did before going to bed (51%),” reports Statistics Canada, “In a typical day, 43% of Canadians said they checked their smartphone at least every 30 minutes. As for younger Canadians, 71% of those 15 to 24 years of age checked their smartphone at least every 30 minutes, with 17% checking their phone every 5 minutes.”

Texting makes for a great advertising source.

One of the great aspects of the text message is the immediacy with which is it noticed. Unlike an email, a text message is usually opened within minutes of its receipt. Often, this is because smartphone users receive notifications of the incoming texts. Whether it’s a vibration or audible tone, the alert lets a person know he/she has a message to check.

Traditional advertising can easily be ignored. You don’t necessarily have to watch a TV commercial or stare at an ad on the subway. Those messages are meant for everyone to consume at their leisure. A text message, on the other hand, is meant for its recipient. When you get a text, you know that it is intended specifically for your eyes, whether many others get the same message or not.

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