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Animated Media & Marketing Design Services Are Coming Soon!

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As we just officially announced on the MeloTel Facebook page, MeloTel will soon be introducing a brand new service. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Animated Media and Marketing Design services! The Facebook announcement was actually made through an animated video to clearly display exactly the type of services we will be offering our clients in the very near future. Please check out our Facebook page for a bunch of examples!

As part of the new service, short animated videos can be created for your company for display on all of your social media accounts. You can choose between 10, 30 and 60 second videos. They each have their own uses and benefits.

What are the advantages of posting short animated videos?

A 10 Second Animated Video provides a quick glimpse of your brand. It contains royalty free images and animation that is styled in your company branding. It also includes creative text and a call to action. Taking the 30-second video route puts your company on par with traditional television commercial-length advertising. It provides a perfect view of your latest advertising campaign and/or brand messaging.

However, when you have a particularly important message to deliver to your audience, a 60-second video is the more appropriate avenue to take. In some cases, you want to offer a more detailed description of your latest products, newest services and/or upcoming events. A 60-second animated video offers a more comprehensive look into what your business is all about.

What other marketing design services will soon be available?

In addition to short animated videos, MeloTel will be offering Single Graphic Posts. They can adequately convey your branding message through a combination of vivid images and carefully selected wording. Promote your products, services and special events through eye-catching graphics that are proven attention-grabbers over posts without images.

We will also offer a Quote Of The Day service. With our Quote Of The Day, your social media pages with sparkle with words of motivation, humorous anecdotes and feel-good well wishes. Conveying such positive energy helps to set your brand apart. A Quote Of The Day comes with one royalty-free image. It is styled in your company branding with an inspirational quote that is highly relevant to your industry.

Can you combine all of our new services into one?

You sure can! As part of our new Animated Media and Marketing Design services, you can select between a Text + Photo + Video Animated Video and a Text + Photo + Video Animated Explainer Video. When combining text, photos and videos, you deliver a crystal clear message to your audience about what your brand has to offer. Vivid, eye-catching imagery working in tandem with cleverly-worded text is an excellent way to grow your brand’s reputation.

However, in certain cases, you’ll need a video that provides a more in-depth look into your company’s latest offerings. With an explainer video, you offer valuable information that may otherwise have been misunderstood. Vivid, eye-catching imagery working in tandem with descriptive information about your company is a great way to grow customer interest.

To learn more about our forthcoming Animated Media and Marketing Design services, please don’t hesitate to call MeloTel at 1-888-MELOTEL or email

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