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It Is All About Customer Service!

customer serviceAt MeloTel, we’re proud of the many products and services that we offer. For a number of years now, we’ve been assisting business from all over Canada by providing their workplaces with more functionality while giving their brands new advertising avenues. Yes, we’re very proud of what we have to offer. But we know that none of it would matter to any of our customers if it wasn’t for one very important factor.

Customer service. And we’re not just talking about any old type of customer service. We’re talking about the incomparable, unbeatable, unbelievable customer service that makes customers fall in love. It’s that type of customer service that MeloTel strives to provide its clients every day. We’d like to think we’re doing a pretty good job!

As customers ourselves, it is never lost on us that it’s a must to provide the kind of service that makes customers want to keep coming back. We like being treated with respect. We practically demand it. Therefore, we demand of ourselves that we show the characteristics of a respectful company. Moreover, we want our clients to know how much they mean to us. And that’s why customer service means so much to us.

It Adds Value. When customers receive excellent customer service, it makes the entire buying experience so much better for them. It makes them feel that what they paid for was well worth it. Your service, after all, really is worth something. It gives your brand a much better public image than if you hadn’t provided top-notch service. This, in turn, will increase customer loyalty, and therefore your sales.

It Gives You A Competitive Advantage. Okay, so let’s say your products and services are great. We have no doubt that they are. But what’s to say that your competition’s products and services aren’t just as good? Perhaps, many of your would-be clients live closer to locations owned by your competitors. What is going to make them choose your business over the others? Your amazing customer service, that’s what!

It Shows Your Appreciation. Let’s be honest. What would your business be without its customers? It would be out of business, of course! When your brand becomes known as a people-pleasing type, the word will spread. This means that you are bound to enjoy increased sales, repeat business, numerous referrals and many long-lasting customer relationships. Customers, after all, like being acknowledged.

It Is A Problem Solver. No matter what type of business you run or how well you run it, you’re bound to run into a disgruntled customer. How you handle sticky situations will play a huge role in how much your business is liked and respected. Being dedicated to providing excellent customer service will help you to solve problems and make previously frustrated customers happy and satisfied ones.

At MeloTel, we strive to be an industry leader when it comes to customer service. We’d love the opportunity for you to experience it for yourself. Give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL. We have a wide variety of Hosted and Professional Services for you to choose from. If we can do something to help your business, we’ll do it. And we won’t just do it with a smile. We’ll do it to ensure that you’re smiling too!