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6 Ways To Secure Solid Call Centre Success

At MeloTel, we proudly work with a large number of Canadian business owners who choose to advertise their businesses in call centre environments. As a result, they employ large staffs and require a great deal of phone and computer equipment. Naturally, we’re only too happy to oblige them by providing our incredible VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services and all of the hardware necessary to run their businesses smoothly.

However, part of the “smoothness” that comes with the territory of running call centres comes in the way that the working environment is developed. Call centre work can be tough. So establishing a workspace that is inviting to employees is a big deal. As well, training is a key ingredient to call centre success. You want your brand to be represented in the best light possible. Therefore, it’s important to train your hires to be able to shine favourable lights on your business.

Here are six ways to secure solid call centre success:

1. Focus on relationship building. Let’s be honest. When most of us receive calls from telemarketers, we’re quick to hang up. That’s because we know that their sole intentions for calling is to sell us something. But, what if the purpose of the call was to offer us some help? When you speak directly to the needs of your customers, they will be more inclined to listen. Focus on servicing customer needs before pushing products in order to build trusted relationships.

2. Provide regular feedback. Call centre workers deserve to know that they are doing their jobs well. But they also need to be told about the areas of opportunity where they can improve. Monitoring calls is a big portion of a call centre manager’s job. It’s important to listen attentively and provide feedback to your employees so that they know what they doing well and what they may be doing wrong. This will only serve to improve the strength of your staff.

3. Create a competitive environment. Many call centres employ the “team competition” or “contest” concepts in their offices. That way, employees are always working towards gaining incentives. It also makes the working environment that much more fun to work within. As we all know, call centre work can be tedious. The more you do to liven things up and provide bonuses for jobs well done, the more productivity you’ll get out of your call centre staff.

4. Empower your employees. A strong call centre employee should be able to work with the confidence that he or she can make decisions on behalf of your company. Of course, this comes with good training. A lack of confidence, by contrast, can cause your employee to second guess his or her ability to handle problems at the first points of contact. Be sure to let your call centre workers know that you believe in their talents. It will help them do their jobs better.

5. Be friendly. This piece of advice should probably have gone first – because, perhaps, it’s the most obvious. Endearing your brand to customers often comes by way of the ways in which you treat your customers. Upbeat, pleasant and friendly voices on the other ends of the line are a lot less likely to get hung up on. Be sure to foster a happy working environment and your employees will be encouraged to share their positive emotions with your clients.

6. Use DaFeeder Preview Dialer. It’s 2015. Don’t have your employees manually dial their customers using old school telephone technology. Instead, using this simple web-based telemarketing software will allow your staff to manage automated campaign dialing and dispositions. DaFeeder Preview Dialer is well-known for increasing call centre effectiveness. For more information, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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