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5 Ways To Ensure You Always Have Happy Customers

At MeloTel, we believe so strongly in customer satisfaction that it tops our list of priorities when it comes to running our business. Of course, satisfying our customers begins with the incredible services that we offer them. With everything from our amazing VoIP telephone solutions to blogging available in our list of features, we have grown our upstart telecom alternative into Canada’s Hosted Company.

It is never lost on us, however, that our services aren’t the only reasons that MeloTel has grown into a much more widely accepted and respected brand. It’s our customer service that makes the difference. As mentioned, we are steadfast in our belief that treating our customers with the utmost care and respect is what has truly helped set our brand apart. It’s the personal touch we provide to each of our interactions with our customers that helps us to earn our reputation.

A “people’s company” is the reputation we speak of. And, quite frankly, we’re happy to report that our client base is made up of a whole lot of “people’s companies”. Our clients know that their customers are just as important to their businesses as our clients are to ours. And when you think about it, what company can survive without its customers? Here are five ways to ensure that you always have happy customers.

1. Communicate. Never leave your customers in the dark. Whenever something new happens with your business, it’s important to let your clients know about it. This doesn’t necessarily mean only reporting good news. There may be times when services may be interrupted. It’s important to inform clients who may be affected so that they’re aware that you’re on top of things and keeping their best interests close to your heart.

2. Create personal bonds. You may not necessarily become best buddies with everyone you do business with. But when you own a small business, it’s important to represent your brand’s personality. Getting to know your clients by their first names as well as intimate details about their lives (eg. birthdays, anniversaries, children’s names), will go a long way in securing the types of relationships that will please your customers for the long haul.

3. Make it quick, but never skimp on quality. Customers appreciate deadlines being met and promises being kept. Be sure to deliver what you set out to deliver. No one likes waiting around for products or services they ordered. However, it’s important to deliver top-notch quality each and every time. This is where communication plays a big role, once again. If you can’t deliver on time, let your customer know. Never allow the quality of your work to be compromised.

4. Show appreciation. Customers truly appreciate it when you show that you appreciate them! Especially considering that we’re just a month away from Christmas, this is the best time of year to be in the giving mood. Whether it’s going over and above to deliver your products and services in a timely manner or offering gifts of some kind to your most loyal clients, saying “thank you” is a huge part of what keeps customers satisfied.

5. Offer rewards. As mentioned, it’s important to show your customers that you are grateful for their support. But one of the best ways you can do that is to offer some type of reward for their loyalty. Perhaps, they can earn points for every purchase that can be used towards freebies in the future. Maybe, you can enrol them in a loyalty program that offers them significant discounts. When you save your customers money, they are sure to be happy!

We’d love nothing more than for you to experience our brand of customer service today. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!