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MeloTel Now An Official Voting Member Of The CFIB

It’s not easy being the owner of a small business. We have tons of experience working with small business owners all across Canada, but it’s fair to say that MeloTel is a small business itself. We started as an independent alternative to the “big name” telecom providers and have grown exponentially as a result of our own hard work and determination. But there were many roadblocks and hurdles to overcome along the way.

That’s why, as a small business, we are appreciative of all of the help that we can get. It’s a huge reason why we’re so grateful for our many awesome clients. It’s also a huge reason that we’re so grateful for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. And we’re both very excited and proud to announce that MeloTel is now an official voting member of the CFIB! And as great as that news is to us, we know what you may be thinking.

What does it mean to be a member of the CFIB? Well, firstly it gives us the opportunity to be represented at all three levels of government so that we are granted our rights and privileges as a small business. Over 109,000 small business owners across Canada, who have become members, know exactly how beneficial membership is. For the past 40 years, the CFIB has been “the big voice for small businesses.”

Among their numerous duties, they fight for tax fairness, reasonable labour laws and a reduction of regulatory paper burden. “We have our finger on the pulse of any issues affecting the full range of enterprises in Canada, from one-person, home-based businesses to firms employing hundreds of people,” reads the CFIB website. We’re so very glad to know that our membership within the CFIB means we have very influential people with our best interests at heart.

How does being a “voting member” benefit our business? The Canadian Federation of Independent Business cares about what the small business owner has to say. As they explain on their site, “through regular polling of our membership, we are privy to an up-to-date, firsthand perspective regarding the state of the economy, as well as their feedback concerning what changes need to be made to government policies.”

The CFIB is also there to answer any questions that we may have that can help us to troubleshoot through various issues impacting our company. In many ways, their assistance can help us to save both time and money. For example, their “Privilege Programs” help to reduce fees related to credit and debit card payment processing, banking and telecommunications. Their website also boasts a number of notable accomplishments.

What are the CFIB’s “top national victories”? They include introducing a special federal small business corporate tax threshold and then expanding it to every province; increasing the Small Business Corporate Tax threshold to $500,000; increasing the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption to $750,000; influencing the federal government to commit to the reduction of paper burden by 20 per cent and defeating the proposed mergers of four of Canada’s chartered banks.

We are, however, most proud of our CFIB membership because of their willingness to stand up to politicians. They represent the very important needs of small business owners at all three levels of government – Federal, Provincial and Municipal. If we have a problem with any level of our government, the CFIB encourages us to tell them all about it! They not only provide the answers we need, but they fight for our rights to succeed!