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5 Ways To Deliver Holly Jolly Customer Service

MeloTel is definitely in the Christmas spirit! For many, this will come as no surprise as our founder and President, John Meloche has never been shy to express his adoration for the end-of-year holidays. In fact, John is such a fan of this time of year that he’s the type of guy to record and release his own Christmas music. Seriously! In fact, go right ahead and download both the 2013 and 2012 versions of Uncle John’s Holiday Hits!

There is no word yet on if a 2014 edition is on the way. But John’s musical sharing of the Christmas spirit is just one way the MeloTel family likes to spread holiday cheer. Collectively, our team works to make the lives of our customers easier on a daily basis. Through the wide variety of hosted services that we provide, our company is often heralded as a one-stop shop for all things that small businesses require to thrive in today’s technologically-advanced world.

But, to us, it’s always been about more than the services that we provide. It’s all about customer service. During the holiday season, it will be especially important to put forth your best efforts to deliver holly jolly customer service. After all, you’re likely to be hearing from and seeing more customers than usual in the next several weeks. Here are five ways to deliver the jolliest customer service possible.

1. Give a little something extra. ‘Tis the season to be giving, right? Delight your customers by surprising them with a little something extra in their orders. Perhaps, you can add a view candy canes in their packages. Or better yet, offer a promotional item such as a calendar or key chain with each purchase. Or maybe, best of all, provide them with something that your company offers that you know they can use and appreciate well into the future.

2. Offer loyalty discounts. The holiday season is definitely the right time of year to show your appreciation. Customers will be spending more than usual in the coming weeks, so any way that you can save them money will be a welcomed treat. Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business and offer them discounts to thank them for their loyalty. This is bound to make their holiday season brighter – not to mention, keep you in their good books!

3. Send out party invites. Generally speaking, office Christmas parties are strictly for staff members and sometimes their family members and friends. Do you have any clients who you consider your friends as well? Another great way to take holiday customer service to the next level is to invite some of your favourite customers to your holiday party. Even those who don’t accept will not soon forget the gesture.

4. Be generous to your staff. Speaking of office parties, they are only one way to show your employees how much they mean to you. With the holidays fast approaching, be sure to take this opportunity to generously reward your staff. Not only do they deserve thanks for the past year’s worth of hard work, but your extra kindness will greatly add to their enjoyment of the holidays. Think of worthwhile gifts or monetary bonuses that are sure to make a difference.

5. Utilize social media. There’s no reason to cease your standard Facebook and Twitter operations. But with the holidays on their way, be sure to use your profiles to highlight how great your customers are. It’s more than just liking their posts and making mention of them. Use your social media platforms to offer special holiday deals to those who mention you using their accounts. It’s a great way to both generate more buzz while spreading the spirit of the holidays.

For a dose of our holly jolly customer service, call us at 1-888-MELOTEL today!