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5 Ways To Answer The Phone Professionally

At MeloTel, we proudly offer our customers VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services that offer them calling capabilities that were once unheard of. In addition to crystal clear connections, unlimited calling to more than 22 countries and FREE Polycom phones with our program, MeloTel also offers a wide range of features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Conference Calling and Custom Hold Music.

While all of these features are incredible and even as our customers are enjoying the many benefits that they provide their companies, they won’t come in as handy as they should if you haven’t established a top-of-the-line customer service regimen for your phone workers. In fact, something as simple as the ways in which you answer the phone can make or break the good name of your company.

So how can you ensure that you’re answering the phone professionally? Here are five ways to do so:

1. Be prompt. Waiting doesn’t top anyone’s “Favourite Things To Do” lists. So, if you’re looking to impress the people who call up your company, don’t have them waiting too long for someone to pick up the line. For most people, these days, two or three rings are too many. Be sure to have a live representative attend to calls as soon as they come in or establish an answering service that informs the caller that a live person will be available shortly.

2. Establish a warm and friendly greeting. Remember that most of the first impressions you make of your company will occur over the phone. It’s vitally important that the first sounds heard by a new customer who is calling are polite and pleasant. This includes being mindful of your tone as well as the speed of your speech. Be sure to sound relaxed and inviting at the same time. Offer a “good morning” or “good afternoon” and quick assurance that you are there to help.

3. Be sure to identify yourself. Including a “my name is John, how can I help you today?” is always a good idea. An even better one is to ensure that you correctly pronounce the name of the person who is calling you. Don’t be afraid to confirm that you have the person’s correct name and that you are saying it right. It’s quite embarrassing to find out that you were addressing your caller incorrectly after the call is over.

4. Display active listening skills. Time is of the essence. For the most part, people calling your company are looking for help – quick help. They don’t want to have to spend all day on the phone. When you’re listening attentively, you’ll be able to resolve issues quickly. Do your best to remain quiet while your caller is speaking and be sure to acknowledge that you have understood what has been communicated to you. This will give customers the confidence to keep calling you back to do business in the future.

5. Be cool. Being professional doesn’t always have to involve the strict use of business jargon. Warm up to customers who display jubilant or outgoing personalities. Feel free to politely joke around with your callers if their attitudes are in keeping with such pleasantries. Showing that your company is one with personality itself will a long way in securing long-time loyalty. While you should probably avoid lengthy conversations, some small talk can’t hurt.

To learn more about MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Chat Support” feature on our website!

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