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5 Steps To Securing The Perfect Domain Name

Recently, MeloTel announced the launch of its brand new “Customer Portal”. Of the many benefits that this online service tool and billing system provides its clients, the portal allows for visitors to select a domain name of their choice. Immediately after punching it in the search field, they will discover whether or not the domain name is available. If so, MeloTel can secure it for a very affordable rate. If not, there are alternative domain names listed.

But what is the key to selecting the perfect domain name? Some business owners feel that simply choosing the name of their companies as the names of their websites is the best way to go. And, in many cases, that is true. After all, was the obvious choice for our company website. But can your domain name say more about your brand than its actual name can? One of our longest standing clients, Synergy Marketing sure thinks so!

The domain name for their website is You see, it’s important to be both unique and memorable. And don’t forget that your domain name may not necessarily be available, even it if is the name of your company. Choosing a domain name, therefore, may not be as easy a task as you may think. And this is why our “Customer Portal” makes the process so easy. However, there are a few other steps to take that will make for an easy selection process.

Here are five steps to securing the perfect domain name:

1. Create a “top five” list. It will certainly help to alleviate your disappointment if you come prepared with alternatives. Think about the top keywords that would best describe your business. Write a “top five” list of domain name ideas just in case your first choice doesn’t pan out. That way, you can easily type in your alternatives into the domain name search field one after the other in order to find one that you really want quickly.

2. Stick with a .com or .ca. To be honest, the most popular websites end with these suffixes. As you may know, .com websites are applicable all over the world while .ca websites are localized in Canada. Depending on the nature of your business, of course, either one of these suffixes would be an ideal choice. Choosing other options such as .net or .org is also useful depending on the audience you are trying to capture.

3. Make it easy to type and remember. If you plan on adding extra punctuation or characters, you’re not going to be making life easy on those trying to locate you online. Do yourself a favour and choose a domain name that is easy to say. That way, you won’t necessarily be required to spell it out for people when passing along your website verbally. Try to avoid dashes, underscores and numbers if you can.

4. Go with something short and sweet. In keeping with the idea that your domain name should be easy to type and remember, you’ll want to keep it short. That way, you minimize chances for error when people are attempting to type it in their web browsers. Not to mention, a short domain name makes it easy to include on all of your business materials such as letterheads, business cards and promotional gifts.

5. Be original! It will certainly be in your best interests to choose a domain name that doesn’t seem too suspiciously close to another company’s domain name. Firstly, you don’t want to infringe upon anyone else’s copyright. Secondly, you don’t want to get continually mistaken for a brand that doesn’t represent you. This can impact the impression you give off to the general public, not to mention, cause you to lose visitors to the other company.

For more information on MeloTel’s Domain, Email & Web Hosting services, give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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