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4 Reasons Your Blog Is Your Company’s Voice

Isn’t it just a bit weird that Hollywood continues to spend millions on big-budget blockbusters while we live in a world where crudely shot videos on smartphones are getting the most views online? Of course, we’re all still entertained by movies. But the point being made is that the reality of everyday life greatly captivates the interest of the general public. For this reason, it’s important to have a strong online presence.

Small business owners don’t have the big budgets that are on par with what is often spent on television commercials. So this is where stepping up their “online game” becomes an integral part of growing their brands. Blogging is the way that many entrepreneurs spread the word about their brands without having to pay a pretty penny. And arguably, it has a much greater impact than a TV commercial would.

This is because blogging is a form of direct communication with your online visitors. It inspires them to learn from you and engage in conversations. Blogging also falls directly in line with the entire purpose behind social media. And that is to grow a following through conversation-starting posts that do more than simply blatantly advertise. In other words, your blogs are your company’s voice.

Here are four reasons why:

1. They demonstrate your expertise. During every busy day that you have as a business owner, you don’t have the time to speak to all of your clients individually. Your blogs, however, provide your target audience with your own perspectives on various aspects of your industry. They help to show just how knowledgeable you are in your field and this helps to build your audience’s confidence in your abilities.

2. They provide customer service. Many blogs – including those found on our website – serve as advice columns and come complete with a myriad of helpful tips. In many cases, these blogs can serve to help your customers overcome particular issues that they may be having. In lieu of getting you on the phone, your blog can provide an excellent customer service tool that your customers will likely keep coming back to.

3. They encourage customers to do business with you. We mentioned earlier that not everyone has the ability to afford the production of a television commercial. Well, that should be just fine by you. Your blog can do an excellent job in encouraging readers to want to work with your business. As your company’s voice, your blog should be as intelligent as it is inviting. Using an ‘everyday’ tone to communicate your message is often preferred over the use of industry jargon.

4. They spread the word about your brand. We also mentioned how great blogs are in building your social media following. The more blogs you post, the more opportunities you have to post links on your social media profiles. And the more links you post, the more opportunities you give yourself to have others repost and retweet them! Blogging works wonders in building a following for your brand.

You may not necessarily have the time to do all of this blogging yourself, however. This is where MeloTel’s Bloggers & Creative Writers For Hire can help. For many years now, they have been writing for business websites all over Canada helping business owners to pull off the above mentioned accomplishments. If you’d like for MeloTel to start up a blog for your company, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL or contact us using “Live Sales Chat”!

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