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5 Steps To Making Great First Impressions Over The Phone

In today’s business world, the phone still rules. Yes, even in the midst of the global communication crazes that are social media, emailing and texting, the good old telephone is still an integral part of any company’s daily operations. It’s important to remember that, in many cases, the first impression that people get of your company will be made over the phone. So there are some speaking techniques to be mindful of.

Now how hard can it be to speak over the phone since you do it every day? Well, let’s consider the fact that you can’t communicate via body language, facial expressions and hand gestures. These are elements of face-to-face conversations that can’t be utilized when you’re speaking on the phone. Therefore, your tone of voice combined with the use of other pleasantries becomes vitally important.

Here are five steps to making great first impressions over the phone:

1. Take detailed notes while on your calls. Often, people forget pertinent details when they’re receiving them for the first time. Even remembering a caller’s name can be difficult when you’re receiving a wealth of information all within the first few sentences being spoken on a call. You can avoid the potential of making a business-costing mistake by taking notes. Make sure you’ve gotten all of the information you need correctly so that you can ‘wow’ your callers with great first encounters with your brand.

2. Engage in friendly conversation. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that all business matters are handled while on your phone call with your new customer. However, to make a great first impression, you’ll need to give your caller a bit of insight on what it’s like to work with your brand. Being friendly and inquisitive while not overly chatty or intrusive is a great way to establish a friendly rapport with your prospect. Show some genuine interest in the person you’re speaking to. It can develop brand loyalty early.

3. Refer to your callers by name. Ditch the “sir” and “ma’am” approach. Try to get the name of your caller as soon as possible in the call and be sure to use it often. This helps to develop a more personal connection with your would-be customer. Don’t forget to offer your name in an effort to put both parties on the line on an equal first-name-basis footing. This shows that you recognize all customers as people, not just dollar signs.

4. Be sure to answer all questions. Most people who call businesses for the first time have a lot of questions. Their first phone calls are basically tests to see if the companies they’re calling are worth working with. Use the opportunities to answer each question asked and be sure to ask a few yourself so that you know your callers have received the exact information they’re looking for. This helps to garner trust and respect for your brand.

5. Do some follow up. Don’t assume that just because your initial call with a customer went well, your great first impression has been secured. Follow the call up with a second call or perhaps, an email to ensure that your customer was pleased with the first interaction. This shows a commitment to gaining the customer’s trust and loyalty and may be the kicker needed to secure long term support.

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