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5 Phrases To Use When Conducting Business On The Phone

Thanks to the VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services provided by MeloTel, business owners from all over Canada have been able to enjoy a wide range of benefits that they were never able to take advantage of before. Voicemail in your Email, Incoming Call Routing and Custom Hold Music are just a few of the many amazing features that come with being a MeloTel phone customer. But getting our services is only the beginning of what makes you a great communicator.

It’s no secret that we rely heavily on a strong customer service regime in order to grow our business. And, to be perfectly honest, there’s nothing particularly original about that. Business owners from all over the world know how important it is to make customers feel special. At least, they should! Because all it takes is one bad customer service experience to make the average customer divert to the competition.

At MeloTel, we practice what we believe is the highest level of customer service over the phone. Like many other Canadian businesses, the majority of our customer interactions take place using this world-renowned Canadian-made device. So it’s important to uphold a top-of-the-line approach to doing business when using the phone to conduct it. How can you do that? Sometimes, it’s all about using customer-friendly words and phrases.

Here are five top phrases to use when conducting business on the phone:

1. “What can I do to help you?” Customers like to know that their matters are being handled efficiently. As a result, it’s very important to have excellent listening skills. Asking your client what he or she specifically needs is a great way to directly resolve any issues. Don’t make assumptions. Even though you may be an expert in your field, the solution to every problem is often found in the specific needs of each individual client you service. Don’t be afraid to ask what they are.

2. “I’ll look into that for you right away.” Customers absolutely love it when they are treated as top priorities. Having to wait for long periods of time to have their matters resolved is generally considered an annoyance. We live in a fast-paced society, so people often expect for problems to be resolved quickly. People are busy. They have other things to attend to. The quicker you can resolve their problems, the better your company is going to look in their eyes.

3. “Allow me to confirm that for you.” Good listening skills are proven when you are able to relay back to your customer what you have just heard. Make sure that you have all of the pertinent details clear in your mind. Better yet, be sure to write them down as you speak to your client so that you know what you are recapping is correct. This will help you to resolve any problems at the first point of contact and not exacerbate them by tackling unrelated matters.

4. “I sincerely apologize for that.” Don’t be afraid to say that you are sorry. In many cases, the way that you resolve a problem is what will keep a customer loyal. There are bound to be times when you make a mistake. You’re human. It happens. Not owning up to your mistakes, however, is just bad for business. Be sincere about your apology and work to make sure that it is both resolved quickly and that the customer is completely satisfied with the resolution.

5. “Thank you so much for calling, we appreciate your business.” Arguably, there is no wrong time to show your gratitude. Customers like to know that they are valued. Although this phrase is generally most appropriate for the ending of a call, don’t be afraid to express your appreciation whenever you feel it’s appropriate. Simply saying “thank you” is a big part of successful customer relationships. After all, your customers deserve your thanks as they help for your business to thrive!

For more information about our Commercial Phone Services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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