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5 Major Benefits Of VoIP Technology

As one would expect, there are many differences between our current generation and the one that preceded it. One needs to look no further than the music industry in order to tell that things have significantly changed. Many would argue that things have changed for the worst, with lyrical and musical composition seemingly no longer respected as an art form that requires genuine talent to pull off.

Then there are others who view modern-day technology as necessary to correct the imperfections of music making from the past. The debate is likely to rage on until the next generation of music fans comes along. And that’s because it’s all based on opinion. There are other differences between the past and present generations that cannot be argued as it relates to quality. And VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) technology makes that so.

Business owners who still use traditional landlines for their phone systems are missing out on a myriad of benefits that VoIP technology provides. There’s no debating that. Allowing for communication over the internet to be a reality, VoIP allows users to make telephone calls from any computer equipped with a VoIP phone. And, to reiterate, the benefits that this technology offers are unparalleled.

What are the major benefits of VoIP technology? Here are just five:

1. Savings. Perhaps, it’s important to point out one of the most important aspects of VoIP technology as it relates your company’s bottom line. Ditching your traditional phone line allows you to escape traditional long distance bills. By using the internet to place and receive calls, you are able to hold conversations with people from all over the globe – no different than if you were sending them emails. The costs, as a result, are far less than what you’ve been used to.

2. More flexibility. With VoIP telephones, users can perform a wide range of actions. Speaking on the phone is only the beginning! Sending emails and faxes and engaging in conference calls are all part of the VoIP way of doing things. You can use both the phone and the internet at the same time using the same system. Not to mention, you can utilize this service anywhere you have an internet connection. Unlike before, you’re not bound by the phones located in your office.

3. Increased productivity. Do you run an organization that hires employees who need to be good at multi-tasking? Most businesses do. VoIP is the perfect tool to allow workers to not only make phone calls but conduct virtual meetings and share data through video conferencing. In addition, modern day VoIP technology provides excellent voice clarity, making dropped calls and poor connections things of the past.

4. Incredibly easy to use. Thankfully, using VoIP technology doesn’t require one to be tech-savvy. Many business owners tend to have concerns that it may be to “complicated” to learn. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it can be argued that using VoIP telephones makes life a whole lot easier. It makes life a whole lot neater too! There are no long cables to connect, helping for there to be a lot less clutter and no need for untangling cords.

5. The additional features seem endless! Just to name a few of the incredible features that come with MeloTel’s VoIP-based Commercial Phone Services: Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Calling, Call Transfer, Voicemail to your Email, Incoming Call Routing, Custom Hold Music, Out of Office Options and The MeloTel VoIP Panel. For more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-MELOTEL or use the “Live Sales Chat” feature on our website!

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