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5 Benefits Of Using Email To Conduct Business

At MeloTel, we greatly champion the use of the telephone to conduct business. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, the good old telephone will always be an incredibly useful communication device. Well…perhaps, we should say the good “new” telephone. You see, MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services offer incomparable communication power over the cloud. The internet has taken over as the number one way to keep in touch with people all over the world.

Of course, this also means that email is a very powerful tool. It’s unlikely you’ll find any business owner not using an email account to communicate with clients, colleagues and suppliers. But that doesn’t mean that all business owners are all that email-savvy. It may not seem like a complicated task, but it does require a certain degree of dedication to make sure that you are responding to all of your emails professionally. It’s simply good for business.

Here are five benefits to using email to conduct business:

1. It’s a lot faster than traditional mail. There’s a reason that the traditional mailing of letters is now known as “snail mail”. In many cases, it takes several days, or even weeks, for the messages to be received. Although there will always be a need for standard mailing – such as the sending of packages and parcels – emails get to their recipients within seconds. This helps you to avoid delays in such business tasks as providing customer service and/or sending and receiving pertinent product information.

2. It provides you with greater access to a larger customer base. Email enables you to communicate just as effectively with someone clear across the globe as you would someone sitting at the desk beside you. It allows you to send emails at any time of the day or night without fear that you will be intruding or interrupting something. Email, as you know, also enables you to communicate with a large number of people via one message.

3. It’s an excellent marketing tool. Naturally, many business owners send out emails that advertise the products and services offered by their companies. Sending out e-newsletters, for example, is a great way to advertise a new promotion to a mass audience. Not to mention, it’s an incredibly cost-effective way to spread the word about your brand. Email marketing also encourages others to forward along your messages to others who may be interested in them.

4. It’s an important customer service tool. Today, customers don’t just have to call you in order to receive customer service. They can email as well. This enables them to contact you at any time of day or night with a question or concern. This is convenient because many customers are often busy working during your business hours. The convenience of email also allows you to respond at hours around the clock. This can greatly help to boost your brand’s image.

5. It saves you money. Although MeloTel’s Commercial Phone Services already help for customers to save a lot of money on what used to be their long distance bills, sending emails provides the same benefit. Using email instead of mail also reduces costs on postage, shipping supplies and employee resources. And MeloTel can help you with that too!

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