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4 Steps To Leaving Professional Voicemails Every Time

We’ve all probably left so many voice messages in our days that we take for granted that we know how to leave them. After all, what’s so hard about leaving a message? Recording a voicemail is so commonplace, it doesn’t require much thought. Or does it? As a business owner, it’s imperative that you keep in mind that with each word you utter, you are representing your brand. Your voicemails, therefore, must always be very professional.

That’s not to say that they have to be drab and boring or strictly to the point. Naturally, you should sound enthusiastic and affable when speaking to any of your clients and colleagues. However, there are some key steps to take in order to make sure that you’re leaving professional voicemails every time. Here are four:

1. Smile before you dial.

We’ve long heralded the practice of smiling while on the phone. There’s no disputing the fact that it helps to improve your tone – which is a big deal when communicating with someone who can’t see your facial expressions. The same rule applies for voicemails. Be sure to smile so that your tone of voice is unmistakably pleasant in the recording. It will help to boost your brand’s positive image.

2. Clearly introduce yourself.

Sure, you may be leaving a message for someone who knows you quite well – a friend, even. However, you don’t want to take for granted that the individual you’re calling is the only one who will hear your message. To ensure that your brand receives the high praise it deserves, be sure to identify yourself at the beginning of your message and don’t forget to name the company you’re calling on behalf of.

3. Speak slowly and clearly.

A major annoyance for a voicemail recipient is the need to rewind the message because what was said in it wasn’t clear. Don’t rush through your voicemail. Speak in a slow and clear manner so that every word is audible. Be sure to have your receiver in an adequate position so that none of your words are muffled or distorted. Do yourself a favour and try to be brief, as well. No one likes to have to sit through a voicemail that’s several minutes long. Save the good stuff for the return phone call.

4. Call back if the call has been dropped.

If, for some reason, your call is disconnected before your voicemail is completed, don’t assume that your voicemail’s recipient will have caught everything you said. Furthermore, it may be considered rude to not call back when a call is dropped – no different than if the call dropped during a live conversation. Be sure to call back and leave a second message, if needed. Again, be brief, but acknowledge that your previous message was cut short.

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