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4 Reasons A Live Chat Feature Will Benefit Your Business

In our last blog, we proudly introduced our website’s brand new “Live Sales Chat” feature. The new wrinkle to our site has provided an entirely new way for our website’s visitors to contact us about any and all of the products and services that MeloTel has to offer. Simply by scrolling to the upper right hand corner of our site, you will see a “fold down” feature that reveals a “Click 2 Chat” button providing you with immediate access to one of our sales representatives.

One of the reasons we introduced this new feature is because we know that most Canadian entrepreneurs are very busy people throughout the day. They don’t always have the time for a phone call. With our “Live Sales Chat” feature, they can continue to work away on their computers while typing in their questions at their leisure. That way, they are receiving information without having to take time away from other duties.

There are, of course, many different reasons that the “Live Sales Chat” feature can come in handy. But it’s not just a convenient information source for our clients. A similar feature can become an amazing generator of revenue for your business as well! At MeloTel, we offer Website Maintenance Services that can pretty much allow us to do for you what we’ve done for ourselves. Could a “live chat” feature work for your website?

Here are four reasons a live chat feature will benefit your business:

1. It eliminates wait times on the phone. If your business is used to having a high call volume, “live chat” can definitely work to satisfy your customers. Instead of having them wait in a calling queue, they can simply type in their questions and you can have your representatives type in their answers. All of this is done in real time, so it’s just like being on the phone – except it isn’t. Customers will be given the convenience of not having to wait on hold to speak to someone.

2. Statistically, live chat has been proven to be a big time customer-pleaser. Many studies have discovered that customers greatly enjoy it. According to, “live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%.” According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend study, 90% of customers consider live chat helpful. Chances are that if you add “live chat” to your website, you will experience positive results.

3. It allows for time-saving multi-tasking. When customers call your business up on the phone, they are required to take the time necessary to complete the call. With “live chat”, customers can type at their own discretion. In other words, if they are busy with other tasks, they don’t have to worry about sifting through voice prompts or waiting for answers from a representative. They can keep working on other tasks using their computers while using “live chat”.

4. It shows you’re on the cutting edge. We all know how popular the internet is. People are online each and every day looking for any and everything to both entertain and educate them. You can bet that, these days, there are many people who would prefer to use the internet to communicate over making phone calls. This is not to say that phone calls are going out of style. But your new “live chat” feature will show that you are catering to modern-day needs.

If you haven’t yet tried out MeloTel’s new “live chat” feature, now would be the perfect time! Scroll up the right hand corner of our site and allow the page to “fold” down. Then click on the “Click 2 Chat” button and ask us how we can help add such a feature to your website. You’ll find it to be very beneficial. We already have! Of course, you can also get more information about our Website Maintenance Services by giving us call at 1-888-MELOTEL!

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